As National Mentoring Month comes to a close, I want to commend all of our partners who have made mentoring a key element of their service to communities, in particular national partners Big Brothers Big Sisters, City Year, Boys and Girls Clubs and United Way. Many studies have shown that children who are mentored are more likely to stay in school and perform better in school. They are more motivated because they have people in their lives encouraging them and providing support. Comcast wants young people in our communities where we live and work to dream big and to accomplish big things.

Mentoring is an enormous key to making this happen, which I know firsthand. I had incredible mentors throughout my education and career. During 28 years in the legal profession, I had wonderful mentors who were busy judges and lawyers, yet they were always available to me. Many still are, and serve as sounding boards and provide constructive support and criticism, which I value immensely. I have been extremely blessed in this area, and that is why I am so devoted to mentoring young people at Comcast and in other parts of my life.

As a mentor I have found that I get as much -- or even more -- out of the relationship as my mentee. For example, I have been privileged to participate in the Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) mentoring program at Comcast for the last three years and have worked with some terrific young women from all corners of our business. Each of them has taught me something new and I have had the opportunity to develop many strong friendships. Mentoring is definitely a two-way street.

It is wonderful that Michelle Obama recently spoke at the National Mentoring Summit in Washington, D.C. Through Comcast's support of our national partners, we were extremely proud to be recognized as one of the first companies to step up to the Corporate Mentoring Challenge introduced by the First Lady. The objectives of the challenge are to help youth gain leadership skills, achieve their educational goals and increase their confidence.

I truly believe that this kind of high-profile focus will create much more energy around mentoring. Personally, I love the saying that Big Brothers Big Sisters has developed -- "Start Something." This simple yet powerful saying encourages all of us to do something positive. We should all find a younger person to whom we can reach out. As Mrs. Obama has said, "If the President and the First Lady can mentor, everybody has got a little time."

Congratulations once again to Big Brothers Big Sisters, City Year, Boys and Girls Clubs, United Way and all of the organizations and individuals who are mentoring young people. You are making a difference that truly will last a lifetime.