Congratulations to Austin Schindel, who Tweeted, YouTubed, Facebooked, and Flickr'd his way to victory in our Xfinity Ultimate Sports Social Media Job contest. Austin, who hails from Washington D.C., is the founder and editor-in-chief of his own sports blog and he has worked in the media departments of both the Washington Redskins and Nationals. With this win, Austin realizes his dream of working in the sports industry in both communications and journalism.

What's next for our winner?

Well, we're going to hook up Austin's place with TVs and home audio and video equipment to make it the ultimate sports pad. But he's not only going to be covering Xfinity Sports from the comfort of his couch. He'll also have behind-the-scenes access at some of the biggest sporting events of 2012, serving as the voice behind @XfinitySports. Best part? He's getting paid to do this!

Austin will be responsible for sharing exclusive content and insights from the @XFINITYSports Twitter handle, which will become a must-follow for sports fans. Fans that follow @XFINITYSports will be given insider content and insights including:

  • Live reports from the biggest sporting events
  • Firsthand interviews with notable sports personalities
  • Behind-the-scenes access to your favorite sports shows
  • Daily insights on the world of sports and technology

Did I mention I'm a little jealous? (Um, yeah, I guess I did.)

Want to get the latest on what Austin's watching? Be sure to follow Austin via the @XFINITYSports Twitter handle beginning April 4th as he delivers daily sports insights and perspectives and exclusive, behind-the-scenes content from MLB Opening Day, the 2012 NFL Draft, and more!