With the NFL preseason kicking off and some of the year’s biggest moments in sports still to come, we are excited to unveil an easier-to-use and more immersive sports guide within the X1 experience to help X1 viewers keep up with their favorite teams and events like never before.

First and foremost, we’ve sectioned out the top of the new sports guide by each major league, creating new landing pages for each league—including the NFL, MLB, NCAAF, soccer and even sports like cricket, tennis and golf—so customers can now find and get to what they want to watch quicker. Additionally, we know many of our viewers want to get straight to the scores around the league, so we’ve integrated a real-time score strip within each league’s landing page to get them up to speed right away with the ability to dive deeper into stats thru the X1 Sports App.

In addition to the live scores within the new guide, they’ll also be able to see and tune to any game that is on, preview upcoming ones, launch the Sports App for more detailed stats and analysis, and also get the latest news, highlights and replays with seamless year-round access to complementary on demand content and web clips.

Customers can access this guide view by just saying "sports" or any league like "NFL" into the X1 voice remote, tapping the "guide" button twice or via a link from within the Sports App. In the future, customers will be able to customize this menu to display only the sports, teams and athletes they root for, giving them instant access to the content they care about most.

If you're on the go using the XFINITY Stream App, we also upgraded the experience for the football season by creating a single destination for sports as well. In similar style to the area on X1, it’s organized by league showing you all the games on now, the schedule for upcoming games, and highlights and replays. You can access the sports section of the Xfinity Stream App by selecting "Sports" under the "Browse" section of the menu.

We are committed to delivering the best viewing experience for our sports fans. Together with the ability to access in-depth stats and information via the voice remote and the Sports App, along with other platform features such as DVR auto-extend, this new guide takes the sports experience on X1 a step further by creating one destination that easily and quickly connects them to all the action all season long.