Your home phone used to be a thing that hung on the wall and you could only use when you were in your house.  With XFINITY Voice, your home phone can be connected to all the mobile devices in your household and serve as a reliable, secure and cost-effective "home base" for all the ways you communicate with friends and family.

With XFINITY Voice, here are five things you can do with your home phone that will save you time and money, whether you’re in your house or on the go.

1). Talk and text as much as you want, without using a wireless plan. Just download the XFINITY Connect App and you can use up to four virtual phone numbers to talk and text from any tablet or WiFi-enabled device over a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Your younger kids can use it (instead of getting their own cell phone) to call friends from grandmom’s, and the older ones can text with friends while on break without racking up charges.


2). Make and receive phone calls and text messages for free via the app when traveling internationally, without using your wireless plan or worrying about cellular data roaming charges. This way if you’re away for the holidays, you can wish your loved ones Happy New Year, make changes to your travel if there’s a snowstorm or call to order that last minute gift from virtually anywhere over a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection.


3). Easily forward home phone calls to up to four devices, like your smartphone, with the advanced call forwarding feature through the app, so if you’re at your family’s for the week or heading to the mall, you won’t miss an important call.


4). Look at your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone to see who is calling when your phone rings, so you know whether to put down the fork to answer the call or just keep eating.


5). Check your home voicemail through the app on your smartphone or tablet, or online, so you don’t miss the message about your in-laws arriving early or your New Year’s Eve dinner reservation.  You can listen to your message or use the readable voicemail feature to quickly read the transcript. Then, delete, forward, save or reply to the voicemail via email.