Comcast Cyber Security (CCS) Research is a team within Comcast Cybersecurity that conducts original applied and fundamental cybersecurity research. CCS Research works with technology teams throughout Comcast to help identify and explore security gaps in the broader cyber ecosystem. This page lists the CCS Research team’s activities on selected topics/ projects.

Security & Human Behavior

Human error may be the biggest obstacle to creating secure technologies and systems. All technologies, including security solutions, are constrained by the limits of human cognition. Many security incidents can be traced back to vulnerabilities grounded in the human element, e.g. phishing and social engineering. CCS Research explores human cognition and its impact on cybersecurity design and implementation.

Security by Design

It is better to build security in at the start of the product development process than bolt it on after a product is already designed. This model, referred to as Security by Design, is a core focus of Comcast’s product development process. CCS Research explores the challenges in building, adopting, and maintaining Security by Design.

Emerging Technologies

Cybersecurity will never be a finished product, since defenders are in a constant arms race with attackers. CCS Research works to address this tension by helping to identify emerging threats and exploring potential defenses.

Quantum Technologies

Shor’s algorithm indicates that a large enough quantum computer will eventually render all currently used public key cryptography solutions insecure. There are, of course, many more uses of quantum computers and simultaneously there is a lot more to quantum technologies than just quantum computers. Given the breadth of this field CCS Research focuses its exploration into quantum technologies on two specific areas: 1) quantum cryptography and 2) crypto agility.

Machine Learning

The nature of cybersecurity requires companies to defend their networks, products, customers and employees at machine speed. CCS Research works to develop open-source tools using machine learning and artificial intelligence to help defenders operate at the scale of Internet.

Other Comcast Cybersecurity Efforts

Comcast also funds third party cybersecurity researchers through the Comcast Innovation Fund, and supports academic research through the Comcast Center of Excellence in Security Innovation at the University of Connecticut, which hosts a Comcast Endowed Chair in Cybersecurity. Researchers who wish to report a potential security vulnerability can visit our responsible disclosure page.