A group of Sky employees, all wearing t-shirts with the Sky Cares logo of a rainbow heart, pose for a photo while doing an outdoor beautification project.
2020 Values Report

Sky Aims for Net Zero Carbon Across Its Full Value Chain by 2030

Sky believes in building better lives, better communities, and a better world. 2019 marked Sky’s first full year as part of the Comcast NBCUniversal family.

With storytelling and technology, Sky builds better lives by connecting customers to world-class news and arts, telling stories that need to be heard. Like Comcast NBCUniversal, Sky also strives to make its products and services accessible and provides tools to protect children when they’re online and to help families make decisions about what to watch.


The year Comcast NBCUniversal acquired Sky, Europe’s leading media and entertainment company

Sky builds better communities by creating opportunities for young people and has set a goal of broadening horizons for 250,000 youth by 2025 by having them participate in Sky programs. Each year, for example, Sky gives over 30,000 schoolchildren in the U.K. and Italy inspiring opportunities through Sky Academy, provides exposure to media careers, and offers training opportunities to help young people from underrepresented backgrounds break into the industry. It’s crucial that we give back to our communities. In the first year of Sky Cares, which launched in 2019, our employees volunteered 15,000 hours toward helping the homeless, alleviating loneliness, supporting young people, and caring for the environment.

Sky builds a better world through its commitment to environmental sustainability.

“We’ve always gone above and beyond to do our part for the planet. But now we’re going even further with our new goal to be net zero carbon by 2030,” says Jeremy Darroch, Group Chief Executive Officer of Sky. “Our climate’s in jeopardy, and we know that the next years will be critical in the fight against climate change. It has to be now.”

Our climate’s in jeopardy, and we know that the next years will be critical in the fight against climate change. It has to be now.
Jeremy Darroch
Group Chief Executive Officer, Sky

In 2006, Sky was the first media company to go carbon neutral for its own operations, cutting emissions and offsetting the rest. Sky’s new 2030 target will make it a net zero carbon company across its full value chain — a full 20 years ahead of the legislated target date for all of the U.K. To achieve this, Sky plans to cut the emissions created across its supply chain, operations, and products by at least 50%, and will plant trees, mangroves, and seagrass to absorb and offset the emissions that remain.

In line with this commitment, Sky is making all of its technology products more energy efficient, developing sustainable film and TV studios, and creating a zero-emission fleet of vehicles. All of Sky’s original productions, shows, and films will be net zero carbon as well. Sky also plans to use its voice and platform to advocate for change and to explain the issue of climate change and why it’s so important to change behavior.

And because the ocean plays a critical role in carbon absorption, the Sky Ocean Rescue initiative will continue to raise awareness and drive progress toward restoring ocean health through the reduction of single-use plastics.

Sky is going net zero carbon by 2030.

Learn more about all of Sky’s efforts on its website and in its Bigger Picture Impact Report 2019.


Better lives: 120 million people with free and easy access to robust and independent journalism

Better communities: 250,000 young people from all backgrounds with broader horizons by 2025

Better world: Net zero carbon by 2030, reducing emissions by at least 50%