Our Chairman and CEO, Brian L. Roberts, seated at a table.
2020 Values Report

A Message from Our CEO

A Message from Our CEO

We are in the midst of one of the most challenging periods in our society’s history, as COVID-19 continues to impact nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Crises test us, both as individuals and as organizations. They remind us of what matters most. They reveal who we are — and the core principles that define us.

Comcast’s values — of integrity, respect, inclusion, and giving back — have never been more evident or more important than they are today. I couldn’t be prouder of our company and our leaders across Comcast, NBCUniversal, and Sky for stepping up and helping to ease the burden on our employees, customers, and communities when they need us most. You can learn about our comprehensive response to COVID-19 here.

Supporting our local communities has been core to our company’s DNA for nearly 60 years, and as we’ve grown, so has that commitment. Together with local leaders and nonprofits around the world, we work actively every day to help improve the lives of our neighbors, especially those who need it most. Hopefully you will see how these efforts came to life this past year as you read our 2020 Values Report.

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Brian L. Roberts
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Comcast Corporation
June 1, 2020

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