Internet Essentials is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive high-speed broadband adoption program for low-income households, connecting people to an increasingly digital world and offering them skills for success. Since the launch of Internet Essentials in 2011, Comcast has connected more than 8 million individuals to low-cost, high-speed internet and to a wealth of knowledge and opportunity. Comcast has invested $650 million in support of initiatives designed to raise awareness about the importance of the internet and boost digital skills, reaching 9.5 million people, and has provided 100,000 computers at a highly subsidized price.*

* Internet Essentials data are as of the first half of 2019.

Outline of a laptop over the statistic 8M+.

8M+ low-income Americans connected to the internet at home through Internet Essentials

Outline of two hands holding a heart over the statistic $650M

$650M invested since 2011 in digital literacy training and awareness programs

Outline of four people over the statistic 9.5M

9.5M people reached through digital literacy training and awareness programs

Navy veteran Josh Delano, wearing a cap and gown at his college graduation ceremony

Extending Our Service to Veterans

We recently expanded Internet Essentials to reach an estimated 1 million low-income veterans.

A Comcast technician shown explaining information to an older female customer

Building Better Connections

Our Internet Essentials Ambassadors spread the word about our broadband adoption program.