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The Business Value of Our Employee Resource Groups

The Business Value of Our Employee Resource Groups

With more than 31,000 members in 181 chapters, Comcast NBCUniversal’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are far-reaching networks spanning all of our business units and with members from every level of the company. The eight ERGs provide a supportive environment for employees who identify with the following diverse communities or seek to be active allies: Asian Pacific Americans; African Americans; people with disabilities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer employees; Hispanic/Latino employees; veterans; women; and young professionals.


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Many people think of ERGs as a place for employees with similar backgrounds to meet and connect. At Comcast NBCUniversal they are that — and they consistently create value for our businesses.

The BENgineers, a subgroup of the Comcast Black Employee Network (BEN) ERG, first came together to collaborate on a submission for Lab Week, a periodic company event at which employees can present new technologies and ideas. The submission was born of BENgineer founder Mumin Ransom, who enlisted a team of African American technologists to bring it to life. Ransom, a Manager of Software Development and Machine Learning at Comcast, had an idea for a new feature for the Xfinity X1 remote that could enhance the customer experience. When he brought the idea back to the BENgineers, they worked to develop a functioning software product that was successfully showcased at Lab Week. The group is now working with a Comcast product team, with hopes that the feature will be rolled out to the public in the near future.

Ransom says diversity is key to fostering an innovative corporate culture. “It’s been proven that gender and ethnic diversity makes companies more successful,” he says. “Diversity brings unique thoughts, experiences, and innovation to the organization, which in turn helps to solve problems and create products that connect with our diverse customer base.”

The BENgineers’ Lab Week submission was such a strong example of how our ERGs partner with and add value to the business that it won BEN a Comcast Impact Award, which honors ERG chapters and individual members who have gone above and beyond to make a difference in the areas of commerce, culture, career, or community — the four strategic pillars of the Employee Resource Groups.

The BENgineers are a great example of how our ERGs are bringing passion, energy, and innovation to address business challenges, which will ultimately enable us to be more competitive as a company.
Juan Otero
Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Comcast

“The BENgineers are a great example of how our ERGs are bringing passion, energy, and innovation to address business challenges, which will ultimately enable us to be more competitive as a company,” says Juan Otero, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Comcast.

The ERGs have also benefited our NBCUniversal business units. In 2018, Unidos chapters in seven U.S. cities participated in an exclusive pre-launch screening of Bravo’s new docu-series Mexican Dynasties, which follows three families with over-the-top lifestyles and offers a glimpse into the multilayered, complex culture found in Mexico. After the screening, Bravo’s marketing and publicity team led a focus group discussion to hear Unidos members’ reactions to the series and ideas for creative development, marketing, and the premiere.

Efforts like these demonstrate how our ERGs are helping us to provide outstanding products and services to our customers and move our business forward. “Our ERGs are one of the backbones of our diversity story,” says Otero. “They not only help to spread our philosophy of diversity and inclusion throughout Comcast NBCUniversal — they are also finding creative ways to connect to our value proposition.”

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