Comcast NBCUniversal is committed to making our products, services, and experiences accessible to the widest possible audiences — creating new pathways to independence and inspiration for people with disabilities. We’re continuously innovating to expand the utility of our products, from the cable industry’s first talking guide, to narrated voice descriptions of TV programs, to remotes that can be manipulated through eye-tracking devices — all of which are available today. We are also committed to making our workplaces inclusive for employees of all abilities and to building a workforce that reflects the demographics of the disability community.

  • Meet Jimmy: Technology is Enabling Him to Be More Independent

    This is Jimmy. Because of his disability he could never use a television remote. That’s why we introduced him to our new technology that lets customers operate their television using only their eyes.

  • Meet Chase: Strength, Resilience and Independence

    Chase is an amazing kid. At an early age he lost his limbs, but he’s never let that stop him getting the most out of life. We’re proud to offer products that let him be more independent.

  • Meet Bernadette: Challenges, Determination, and Inclusivity

    Bernadette has always been determined to succeed, no matter what society told her she couldn’t do. We’re proud to share her inspiring story.

  • Meet Logan: Discovery through the X1 Voice Remote

    Meet Logan, an amazing, funny, and engaging 8-year-old, who also happens to be on the autism spectrum. He recently discovered our Xfinity X1 voice remote and talking guide.

  • Meet the Smedley Family: Leveling the Playing Field

    TV is universal — access should be as well. At Comcast, we’re empowering people like the Smedley Family and leveling the playing field.

Comcast NBCUniversal employees gather as part of our Global Accessibility Week events

Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day

In 2018, Comcast NBCUniversal celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a full week of activities.

Outline of a TV monitor and a remote control over the statistic 2.7M.

2.7M set top boxes with at least one accessibility feature enabled

Outline of a wheelchair of the statistic ~25%.

An estimated 25% of American adults have some form of disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Comcast employee Bernadette Krause, who uses a wheelchair, shown collaborating with two colleagues

Disability Mentoring Day

Disability Mentoring Day promotes career development, job exploration, and mentoring for people with disabilities.