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DE&I Workforce Initiatives

Statement Regarding our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workforce Initiatives

Since the founding of Comcast in 1963, our core values have been rooted in improving the communities where our employees, customers and audiences live and work. Today, those values live on through our culture, and we continue to uphold our longstanding commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

Our 2020 Values Report and related DE&I Data Report, and our more recently launched $100 million Social Justice Initiative, highlight some of the ways we are working to build, and rebuild, stronger and more inclusive communities to make a positive difference, and how we try to do what’s right for our employees, customers, viewers and the world. The 2020 Values Report and related DE&I Data Report, which disclose quantitative year-over-year and long-term trend data regarding the gender and racial or ethnic diversity of our workforce, leadership and Board members, among others, serve not only as external reports on our progress toward our key DE&I initiatives for our stakeholders, but also present a snapshot into the types of information that our Chief Diversity Officer tracks and evaluates in the normal course, and is reviewed and discussed by, and reported to, our external Joint Diversity Advisory Council (JDC) and our Board of Directors and/or its committees as described below. 

Building on our longstanding commitment to DE&I, in 2020 we developed a comprehensive, multi-year plan to allocate $100 million to fight injustice and inequality against any race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability.  This is on top of the existing commitments Comcast makes to thousands of organizations supporting underrepresented communities nationwide through our social impact programs and the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation. 

One of the five pillars of this Social Justice Initiative is to accelerate our DE&I efforts in our workforce.  We launched new programs and initiatives focused on creating a more inclusive workplace, including hosting our first DE&I Day in 2020 in which more than 70,000 employees participated.  Additionally, we established a DE&I Speaker Series with content on diverse and inclusive cultures, perspectives and experiences, with more than 35,000 employees participating in 2020.

Building a Structure for Progress: Joint Diversity Council (JDC) 

In 2011, we voluntarily committed to develop, implement and report on core DE&I focus areas with respect to Governance, Workforce, Supply Chain, Programming and Community Impact and formed the JDC to facilitate open communication over the development, monitoring and evaluation of these focus areas.  The JDC is an innovative council composed of over 20 national external leaders from business, politics and civil rights organizations who represent African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, women, people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ and military communities.  Since its formation, the JDC has provided advice and guidance to us on these DE&I focus areas.

To inform JDC members’ advice, we provide JDC members with confidential data reports and briefings on our progress toward these core DE&I focus areas.  These reports include some of the top-level information included in the DE&I Data Report highlight.  We recognize and value the important advisory role the JDC has played in our achievements to date, and we look forward to its continued partnership going forward.

Board Oversight of DE&I  

Our Board of Directors, as a whole and through its committees, oversees our efforts and progress on DE&I matters.

Process.  Our Board, either as a full body or through its committees, has received reports on our DE&I initiatives since 2011.  In 2020, the Charter of the Governance and Directors Nominating Committee (GDNC) was revised to memorialize that the GDNC is responsible for reviewing and assessing significant issues, risks and trends with respect to our core DE&I focus areas, including with respect to our workforce. More specifically:

  • The GDNC reviews information regarding each of our core DE&I focus areas, including that set forth in our annual Our Values report and the diverse metrics of our workforce, leadership and Board reported there.  It also receives reports twice a year from the Company’s Chief Diversity Officer on our progress toward our core DE&I focus areas that include not only the workforce diversity information set forth in the DE&I Data Report, but also more detailed information on key drivers of change, such as annual and long-term trend data about new hire, promotion and turnover rates, broken down by people of color and women.  These reports are provided once with data as of the first six-months of a year, and a second time with data as of year-end, in both cases showing changes from year-to-year and longer term trends.  As part of the GDNC’s consideration of these reports, the Company’s Chief Diversity Officer discusses our broader priority areas with respect to DE&I initiatives, including workforce-related pipeline development, training and mentorship programs, as well as insights and feedback received from the JDC. 
  • As needed, the GNDC engages with the Chief Diversity Officer and other members of management regarding these efforts.
  • Our Board receives reports from the Chair of the GDNC about the items discussed at each regularly-scheduled meeting.
  • Our Board and GDNC also receive periodic reports from the Company’s Chief Diversity Officer and other members of management on progress to date with the five pillars of our $100 million Social Justice Initiative, including with respect to our initiative to accelerate our DE&I efforts in our workforce. 

Assessment.  Through the reviews described above, the GDNC, on behalf of the Board, assesses the effectiveness of our DE&I efforts, as reflected, among other things, against our aspirational goals disclosed in the DE&I Data Report and the trends related to the promotion, recruitment and retention of protected classes of employees that it considers as part of the process described above.  In addition, as described in greater detail in our proxy statement, the Compensation Committee has included our core DE&I initiatives as a component of our senior management team’s annual cash bonus incentive goals for over ten years.  Through its annual evaluation of senior leadership’s performance against these qualitative DE&I goals and subsequent annual cash bonus determinations, the Compensation Committee, on behalf of the Board, reviews progress regarding, and assesses the effectiveness of, these DE&I goals.


While we and our Board are proud of the significant progress we have made to date, we are committed to continuing our important work in fostering a better and more accepting workplace and a world where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

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