We stand for learning from each other’s differences, and we believe empathy and understanding unite us. Nowhere is that truer than in our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), one of the many ways we support diverse communities and create a positive environment.    

Our ERGs are an integral part of the company’s DNA, making ours one of the most diverse and inclusive workplace cultures in the country.
Salvador Mendoza
Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, NBCUniversal

In 2017, our eight ERGs included more than 30,000 unique members across more than 150 chapters. This includes more than 30 chapters launched in 2017.

In 2017, we successfully launched “You Don’t Have To Be To Belong,” an employee engagement campaign created to promote ERG membership among allies and supporters, as well as employees who identify with the affinity group.

We’re excited about the growth and positive impact of these groups — not just on their members, but also on our business. The reason: ERGs enhance employee development by providing a supportive environment, exposing members to broad opportunities and creating meaningful connections.

Kimberly Bryant, Specialist, Commercial Development Sales, Comcast Cable, and Proud Military Spouse standing in front of her desk.

We Stand For ... Those Who Stand For Us