We stand for helping small diverse businesses learn how to work with large corporations, including our own. Through partnering with all types of businesses, we are making our company stronger, while also creating economic opportunity.

In an effort to build capacity and accelerate the growth of diverse-owned businesses, we’ve developed custom programs designed to help potential partners learn how to work with us. Companies like The Research Associates (TRA), one of the leading experts in data analytics and optimization, who participated in NBCUniversal’s EDGE (Entrepreneurs Driving Growth and Excellence) Accelerator program in 2017, are great examples of how a program can lead to a stronger partnership.

Sung Lee, CEO of TRA, successfully garnered key insights into NBCUniversal, and expanded his network of industry influencers. The program has uniquely positioned TRA to continue providing NBCUniversal with top market strategy and advisory services, turning big data into actionable insights. Without programs supporting our smaller diverse-owned partners, we could be missing out on pieces of the big picture.

The EDGE Program allowed us to build new relationships with key NBCUniversal executives and understand the key challenges they face. These insights helped us enhance our capabilities, and expand our opportunities to better serve them as a customer.
Sung W. Lee
Chief Executive Officer, The Research Associates, Diverse Supplier for Universal Parks & Resorts