We Stand For ... Making Entertainment Universal

We work every day to ensure that no customer is more than a single key press or voice command away from enjoying the content they want. We are passionate about bringing easy-to-use, high-quality experiences to everyone. To do this, we offer the most robust accessible products in our industry, and develop best-in-class innovations that make them user-friendly to the widest possible audience.

One of the most rewarding things about focusing on inclusive design is how sometimes our products deliver unanticipated benefits to our customers.
Tom Wlodkowski
Vice President, Accessibility, Comcast Cable

Key Achievements

1.5 million Xfinity customers have enabled an accessibility feature (including closed captioning, video description, and voice guidance) and more than 20 million X1 remotes have been deployed.

We are proud to have been the first in our industry to launch Voice Guidance, a talking TV guide that reads aloud program titles, network names, and DVR and On Demand menus for people with visual impairments. And we continue to explore new ways to deliver the world’s most important entertainment moments to everyone. For example, X1’s voice control, voice guidance, and closed captioning helped customers with disabilities access all 94 hours of PyeongChang Paralympics television coverage on NBC. 

We were honored to win an Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering, recognizing our technology teams’ work developing the X1 Voice Remote, and the innovative software platform that powers it. But we’re even more honored that our accessible products make entertainment available to more people, by opening new doors to independence for people with disabilities.