We’re committed to fueling subscriber growth, and our audiences’ imaginations. We do this by seeking out the unexpected, enhancing the quality and variety of content we offer, and leveraging the power of our Xfinity platform. It’s all possible through the passionate work of our diverse teams, and it’s supported by innovative partnerships with unique content creators and providers.

We not only curate inclusive stories that reflect our communities, we create entire destinations across our Xfinity platforms that are tailored to the interests and experiences of our diverse customer base. These destinations enable easy access to our diverse On Demand and Online content through search or on the X1 Voice Remote.

More than 100 diverse networks available on Xfinity platforms, 14K+ hours of diverse On Demand and Online programming offered in 2017, and 392 million diverse Subscriber Network Instances. Diverse On Demand hours increased 1,945% since 2010 and reached 7,688 hours by year-end 2017. Diverse Online hours increased 1,078% since 2010 and reached 6,667 hours by year-end 2017.

A white mobile phone sits on a red background with the LGBTQ X1 interface displayed on the screen

LGBTQ Film & TV On Demand


The award-winning LGBTQ Film & TV on Xfinity is the first to provide a diverse, complete, and community-endorsed LGBTQ entertainment experience in the home and on the go. Featuring unique content-specific L, G, B, T & Q curations, Community Recommendations from LGBTQ organizations, and the new Kids & Family collection. It’s part of Comcast NBCUniversal’s rich history of showcasing groundbreaking LGBTQ content and talent — from NBC’s Will & Grace, Focus Features films Brokeback Mountain, Milk, and The Danish Girl, and the Xfinity premier of I’m From Driftwood’s What Was It Like?

We are proud to provide a home dedicated to LGBTQ storytelling unlike any other. We celebrate diverse and inclusive entertainment, each day and all year round.
Jean-Claire Fitschen
Executive Director, Multicultural Xfinity Services, Comcast Cable

Cablefax Digital & Tech Award Editorial Excellence Earned for X1 LGBTQ Film & TV Destination


Tom Wlodkowski, Vice President Accessibility at Comcast is smiling and standing in front of a brown wall with mounted TVs.