Yvette Miley, Senior Vice President of MSNBC and NBC News standing in front of a slightly blurred wall of photos.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Programming and Content

We Stand For ... Reflecting and Respecting Our Customers

The content we create and distribute has the power to touch our audiences’ hearts, to delight and amaze them, to tell stories they can identify with — and even to help them see the world differently.

As demand for original, diverse, and captivating content continues to grow, we’re responding with robust, engaging experiences that appeal to a wide range of audiences. This content reflects the rich mix of backgrounds and demographics that exist in our dynamic and evolving communities.

Our Commitment

We strive to be the leader in authentic and compelling programming that connects with audiences across our platforms. Our programming teams ensure that the content we create and distribute is credible, inclusive, and authentic to our audiences. And we are committed to sharing stories that draw from the human experience. To make this happen, we work to represent diverse perspectives in every aspect of our programming — both in front of and behind the camera at NBCUniversal, and in the content we distribute on our Xfinity platforms.

Inclusion matters because it positions us to tell powerful stories about the lived-experiences of those who count on us to keep them informed.
Yvette Miley
Senior Vice President, MSNBC & NBC News

NBC News properties on air talent was 48% women and 32% people of color. Behind the camera talent was 58% women and 23% people of color. Diverse content hours on Xfinity increased 1,423% since 2010.

Photo of Katy Tur, host of MSNBC Live at 2pm sitting at the anchor desk.

Cultivating Diverse Voices at NBCUniversal

When it comes to discovering the best creative and technical talent, we’re always looking at how we can support and develop visionary individuals of all backgrounds.

Diverse Content on Xfinity Platforms

We’re committed to fueling subscriber growth, and our audiences’ imaginations.
Tom Wlodkowski poses with the X1 Voice Remote