We Stand For ... Digital Equity

We stand for a connection to the world – and to opportunity – for all families. The work we do, and the people we reach, uniquely positions us to make a difference. For today’s households, a home internet connection is more important than ever. Internet Essentials, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive high-speed Internet adoption program, has connected more than four million Americans to low-cost home Internet, affordable computer options, and free in-person or online digital skills training.

More than 4 million low income Americans connected to the Internet in over 1 million households.

As a technology and media company, we know the Internet has the power to transform lives, empower communities, and inspire change. Internet Essentials provides low-income Americans with an essential tool to harness the power of a connection right in their own homes.
Karima Zedan
Vice President, Digital Inclusion & Internet Essentials, Comcast Cable

And we’ve continued to expand the unique power of Internet Essentials to change lives by increasing the number of households it reaches. Launched in 2011 for low-income households with children, we extended eligibility to all households receiving HUD housing assistance in 2016. And we’re working with community partners in a dozen cities and markets on a pilot for low-income seniors. We’ve made more than 30 program enhancements over the last seven years, including 10 expansions to eligibility, faster speeds, WiFi access both in and out of the home, and making it easier to apply and get connected.

80% of Internet Essential customers are people of color and $350 million invested in digital literacy initiatives since the program begin in 2011, reaching nearly 5 million people.