We Stand For … Making a Positive Impact

We support our communities by investing in local organizations, developing programs and partnerships, and mobilizing our resources to inspire and create positive, substantive change. This includes Minority-led, Minority-serving (MLMS) organizations, Women-led, Women-serving (WLWS) organizations, and partnerships with other diverse organizations.

Our signature volunteer event, Comcast Cares Day, started with 6,100 volunteers in a single city, and has grown to become the largest single-day corporate volunteer effort in the U.S., with more than 115,000 volunteers at over 1,200 sites in 23 countries in 2018.

We’re grateful that our culture of giving back led to our one millionth volunteer in 2018.

Giving back to diverse communities builds stronger relationships in places where our customers and employees live and work.
Fred Maahs
Senior Director, Community Impact, Comcast Corporation

Our Commitment

We’re passionate about Community Impact initiatives that extend our commitment to inclusion beyond the walls of our offices. Giving back to others in our cities and towns has been a longstanding part of our culture. Our company and employees, along with thousands of nonprofit partners, work with a wide variety of diverse communities to support people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds. This is part of who we are, and who we’ve always been.

$1.6 billion cash and in-kind giving to minorities since YE 2010. $80 million cash and in-kind giving to MLMS organizations and $24 million cash and in-kind giving to WLWS organizations in 2017

How We Give Back

We understand that giving back takes many forms, and we applaud our employees who use their time and talent to do good in their communities. We also know that as a company, we have a responsibility to make meaningful contributions to our communities, and we are committed to providing cash and in-kind giving to organizations benefiting the people who need it the most.

YE 2017 cash giving to minority-led, minority-serving organizations reached $15.3m versus $5.8 in 2010. YE 2017 cash giving to women-led, women-serving organizations reached $3m versus $0.9 in 2010.