The spirit and heart of any thriving household can be found in the living room.  Comcast is taking this concept further with our Studio Xfinity retail and experience centers.  We think of them as community living rooms.  Our two current flagship locations represent our vision of weaving customer experience into the fabric of the communities we serve.

In 2015, we launched the Chicago Studio, and 2017 saw the opening of our Washington, DC, location.  In addition to building a revolutionary retail environment that showcases Comcast technology and services, we’re meeting our goal of creating invaluable community hubs.

 The interior of an Xfinity Studio store with blue ceiling lights and large standing screens.
Studio Xfinity retail stores offer state-of-the-art presentation capabilities for community events held in our stores.

Our customers come away feeling different — about Comcast as well as the place they call home. They see us as a true partner in community.
Greater Chicago Regional Vice President, External Affairs, Comcast Cable

At the Chicago site, Studio Xfinity has become a community mainstay that promotes, hosts, inspires, and supports a diverse range of groups and their events.  Whether hosting Chicago Ideas Week, a local film festival, or Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce small-business network events, Studio Xfinity serves as both stage and catalyst for community involvement and civic engagement.

For example, in June 2017, we hosted the first Civic Technology Forum, which brought together public sector, community, and industry leaders to explore how Chicago residents can leverage technology to increase their economic opportunities.

“We love the dynamic aspect of the experience,” says Matthew Summy, Comcast Regional Vice President of External Affairs.  “Our customers come away feeling different — about Comcast as well as the place they call home.  They see us as a true partner in community.”  

We know that providing a great customer experience is good business practice.  But Studio Xfinity represents a deeper commitment.  It speaks to one of our motives for being in business in the first place.  “Beyond the business aspect, our investment creates tangible returns for a community,” Summy says.  “That investment reflects the values set down by our founder and represents Comcast’s commitment to lasting community and social impact.”

 Two men eat pizza off paper plates at an event in an Xfinity store.
Community members gather for a showing of The Wiz at the Studio Xfinity retail store in Chicago.

 Two women stand before a screen reading “Reel Abilities Film Festival.
Studio Xfinity, Chicago, offers event space for community-organized events such as the ReelAbilities Film Festival, held in October 2017.