Integrity is the foundation of our business, and all our employees share the responsibility to operate with the highest ethical standards.  We promote integrity throughout our work environment and follow practices that help ensure we earn the trust of customers, employees, shareholders, and the people in the communities we serve.

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Comcast Listens

Our success as a company is built upon creating a positive work environment for our employees — one where we consistently demonstrate our commitment to integrity, open communication, and fairness in all of our business relationships.  Together, we can build on our success by resolving issues so that we can focus on effectively doing our jobs.  To make this possible, we created Comcast Listens, a program that offers several channels to employees for speaking up without fear of retaliation when they need to ask a question, seek guidance, or raise a concern.

No matter the question or concern — whether it involves a workplace issue or a concern about suspected illegal or unethical conduct — we want to hear from our employees.  In addition to talking with a supervisor or using another local channel, employees can call the Comcast Listens helpline or visit the web portal to make a report anytime.  The helpline and web portal are both managed by an independent third-party company so that employees may choose to remain anonymous where allowed by law.  When appropriate, a trained investigator will be assigned to review an employee’s concern.  If wrongdoing is confirmed, we will take the appropriate disciplinary or corrective action, regardless of the position of the individuals involved.  We strictly prohibit retaliation for any good-faith report.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy is crucial to our customers, audiences, and employees.  At Comcast NBCUniversal, we work hard to protect people’s privacy by implementing internal practices and controls and complying with all applicable laws.  This includes building products and services with privacy in mind, delivering them securely, and reviewing our design and delivery to improve them over time.

We inform people about how we use their information, give them choices to control many of those uses, and make product, privacy, security, and other support information available to them.  For example, Comcast Cable has said it is committed not to sharing our customers’ sensitive information (such as banking and health information), unless we first obtain their affirmative, opt-in consent.

And to help fulfill our responsibilities in the larger discussion around individual privacy, we publish transparency reports to make clear how we handle government requests for information.  Comcast issued our first transparency report in March 2014, and we release new reports regularly.

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Commitment to Human Rights

Comcast is committed to promoting values that foster human rights and acting honestly and with integrity.  We respect and support the broad principles aimed at protecting and promoting human rights as described in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights.  This support is consistent with our core business philosophy and values, which are primarily reflected in our Code of Conduct.  Among other things, we are committed to maintaining a work environment of mutual trust and respect; lessening our impact on the environment and providing a safe and healthy workplace; handling personal data of our employees, customers, and business partners responsibly; operating ethically and honestly in our business relationships; and operating in accordance with applicable laws everywhere we do business.

Supplier Social Responsibility

At Comcast, we are committed to ethical and responsible conduct in all our operations, and we expect the same commitments to be shared by all manufacturers of our merchandise.  Comcast expects our suppliers to conduct business with integrity, uphold our values, and comply with applicable laws promoting respect for human rights. 

NBCUniversal’s Global Brand Standards audit program ensures that the company’s established Code of Conduct is sustained by our suppliers.  The audits include on-site inspections within factories to validate key integrity areas related to forced labor, underage labor, wages, working hours, occupational health and safety, emergency preparedness, fire protection, waste management, and environmental compliance with permits.  We take a triangulation approach to the audits, including employee interviews conducted globally, in-depth documentation review, and on-site inspection.

Our audit scope is applicable for all countries except Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and those in North America and the European Union.  At NBCUniversal, business units contract with licensees and/or vendors that select the factory to produce the products.  We emphasize protecting labor, human rights, and environmental practices for all sourced factories that produce NBCUniversal logo or branded products.  Our goal is to work closely with factories to build up their capacity for sustainable growth.  We work with factory management to improve their labor and environmental performance.