Comcast Technical Operations Supervisor, Charlie Tribbey, engages in a conversation with a coworker.
Customer Experience

Meet Charlie: Turning Technicians Into Heroes for Customers

Our technicians spend their days working in the communities where they live. They have an important job that finds them in our customers’ homes every day. They are engineers in the home who configure wifi networks and set up video platforms but also fix any issues that arise. They are product ambassadors and teachers that can help our customers set up their xFi user profiles or learn how to access Netflix through the X1 platform. Their top priority is creating an excellent experience for our customers and they bring that commitment to work every day.

We’re extremely proud of our team of technicians and we want to share their stories.

Meet Charlie from Portland, Oregon. Charlie is a tech supervisor, a mother and the wife of a Comcast Technician. Her commitment to her work and community can be experienced through her story. There are Comcast technicians like Charlie working in our customers’ homes every day in every city and town where we provide service.