Exterior of The Battery in Atlanta.
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The Battery Atlanta

The Atlanta Braves’ 41,500 seat Truist Park was built with the goal of creating a state-of-the-art digital experience for fans. As the project grew to encompass a larger footprint - 1.5 million square feet of mixed-use development known as The Battery Atlanta – the organization knew a high-speed, high-capacity network would be crucial to operations across the entire property. “More than ever, we need a communication infrastructure across multiple sites that would give us fast, reliable communications and more than enough capacity to accommodate a host of emerging technology applications,” said Atlanta Braves President of Development Mike Plant.

Many Battery Atlanta tenants cite Comcast Business internet service as an opportunity to explore more sophisticated brand experiences.
Jeremy Strife
VP of Atlanta Braves Development, GM of The Battery Atlanta

Comcast Business was tapped to install and operate what would become one of the nation’s largest mixed-use development networks to support not just Truist Park, but also retail stores, a hotel, restaurants, entertainment venues, an office tower, and residential units. “Our partnership with Comcast will keep us head-and-shoulders above other sports venues and mixed-use communities around the country and allow us to meet our fans’ high expectations for engagement, awareness and access. Shoppers, hotel guest and office tenants will also enjoy an experience unlike any other community,” said Braves Chairman Terry McGuirk when the partnership was announced.

A spool of wire

250 miles of fiber optic cable

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1000+ WiFi access points

The network provides video, voice, and high-speed internet connectivity on an all-fiber network that is capable of delivering multi-gigabit speeds throughout the complex. It is driven by two 100 Gbps Ethernet lines, 250 miles of fiber optic cable, 320 WiFi access points throughout the complex, and an additional 800 WiFi access points inside Truist Park. The infrastructure has been described as “future-proof,” meaning it has the capacity to accommodate new and emerging technologies for future needs, ranging from wireless point-of sale and ticket scanning platforms, to gaming and beyond. “The very nature of the WiFi – it’s such an abundant resource in that stadium – it can support [technology] that is probably just around the corner, like a LoRa gateway for an IoT application,” said Sam Chernack, Senior Vice President for Strategic Engineering at Comcast Business.

“Many Battery Atlanta tenants cite Comcast Business internet service as an opportunity to explore more sophisticated brand experiences and interact with visitors, fans and customers in new and exciting ways,” said Jeremy Strife, Vice President of Atlanta Braves Development and general manager of The Battery Atlanta. In the ballpark alone, Comcast’s network supports LED lighting; sprinklers and HVAC systems; the park’s security management system; interactive kiosks; high-resolution LED video displays, including the 90 x 27 ft scoreboard; over 1,000 screens; and WiFi connectivity for thousands of fans’ smart devices. The Braves are also using the network to provide smart solutions to parking and traffic management through a customized app that allows fans to purchase parking in advance and check real-time status of traffic and public transportation options. “The network is outstanding,” said Justin Watkins, Senior Director of Business Intelligence for the Atlanta Braves. “It does not restrict us from dreaming up what we ought to be doing [as we] look to other industries for inspiration.”