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A Smarter Future Built on a Strong Foundation

Comcast has helped to shape the digital marketplace for more than half a century. We’ve made better, faster, and more reliable connectivity an ongoing priority, constantly evolving to meet the escalating demands of industry and the expectations of our customers. In the process we’ve constructed a vast and vital information pipeline crisscrossing the country: more than 170,000 miles of fiber handling up to 25TB of internet traffic any given second. All of it supported by thousands of highly trained professionals working and living in the communities we serve.

The network that began by connecting individual households, apartment dwellers, and businesses now connects hospitals, campuses, stadiums, large corporations, and dynamically connected towns and cities nationwide. As our national footprint has grown, so too have our capabilities, enabling Comcast to offer a broader range of services, enhancing security and control at home, speeding information exchanges at work, and opening up broad new digital experiences.

An emerging landscape driven by innovation.

Smart cities and communities refer to the confluence of infrastructure and technology that enable hard-wired facilities, wireless devices, machinery, tools, and even streetlights and trash bins to relay and exchange information in real time. Giving objects the power to communicate and interact introduces previously unimaginable efficiencies that can drastically reduce the costs associated with pubic services like transportation networks, infrastructure maintenance, waste management, and more, while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.  

Connectivity this pervasive requires added security and privacy protections, underscoring a need for experienced providers working collaboratively across networks, device types, and manufacturers. Comcast has also deep experience here, pioneered by core businesses that span connectivity, security optimization, business services, home automation and control, venue solutions, and more. With a broad network of business relationships, formal partnerships, and engagement across its footprint, Comcast Smart Cities brings together decades of expertise to ensure smart, safe, and secure integration with every new product and service.

Designed to be nimble in support of new and emerging applications, Comcast Smart Cities combines investment, capabilities, and technical know-how to strengthen the foundation we have built, while supporting innovation and ingenuity in the market as we create the Smart City of the future.  

An open invitation to endless opportunity.

The best Smart City ideas are focused on bringing improvements to everyday quality of life, reducing costs and driving sustainability. By 2025, the Smart City market will reach $1.56 trillion. True success will only be achieved by providers that are most willing to work collaboratively with other players in developing people-focused solutions that help residents make better, more informed decisions. The most successful applications will be those designed to be broadly inclusive, adaptable, and secure.

The smarter community of the future is being shaped by Comcast through constant investment in and upgrades to its technical infrastructure, the network that enables sensors and devices to communicate. Advanced machine intelligence combined with edge processing and faster transmission speeds and more dynamic and powerful networks open up whole new worlds of opportunity—unlimited in their potential application.

From devices that monitor chronic health conditions and alert users to danger, to smart targeting of municipal resources, to improved monitors that can cut response times for emergency services, incremental improvements will save lives and promote better real-world outcomes. Users who see tangible benefits in their day-to-day lives will be the principal drivers of mass adoption and the engine that drives smarter communities ever forward.