What to Play in May: On Demand Is the One-Stop for All of Your Spring Entertainment

Philadelphia, PA.

Comcast's library of entertainment choices offers something for everyone in the family to enjoy this spring and continues to grow in the month of May with a wide-range of choices available On Demand.  Highlights this month include blockbuster movies like Bolt, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Taken available in HD, new TV series premiering On Demand at least one week before airing live, along with season finales of your favorite network shows and special programming for Mother's Day and Memorial Day. 

Movie Highlights 

New Releases - Missed a movie that you wanted to see in the theater?  Now you can watch it at home, anytime. All of these movies are available in SD with most also available in HD and can be found On Demand in the "HD On Demand" folder under "Movies & Events" under "All Movies," or in the "Movies & Events" folder under "Just In."  

  • Same Day as DVD - A Plumm Summer (HD), a winner at the International Family Film Festival, Chandni Chowk, the first ever Bollywood kungfu comedy and Wendy and Lucy, a film about a woman led through a series of increasingly dire economic decisions, are all available beginning May 5, the same day they are released on DVD. 

  •  Other Recent Box-Office Hits - Taken, Bolt, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Seven Pounds, Hotel for Dogs, The Uninvited, The Tale of Despereaux, The Reader, Doubt, Notorious, The Spirit and Not Easily Broken . All of these movies are available in HD.

 Movie Collections - New movie collections can be found On Demand in the "Movies & Events" folder under "Movie Collections," with many available in HD.  May's themes are: 

  • Monty Python - Watch your favorite Monty Python movies with all five available in SD and four available in HD! Available now.  

  • Love & Marriage - May kicks off wedding season and this month you can get cozy with romantic comedies about love and marriage including, The Wedding Date, Nine Months, Bride Wars (HD)  and Mystic Pizza. Available now. 

  • Wall Street Woes - This month watch art imitate life with this collection featuring movies such as Wall Street, Trading Places and Working Girl. Starts May 6. 

  • Aliens - Explore the unknown with this collection of films featuring extraterrestrials including, Contact (HD), E.T., Signs (HD) The Day the Earth Stood Still (HD) and every Alien film. Starts May 6.  

  • Man vs Machine - Jump way into the 21st century with movies such as The Terminator (HD), The Matrix and 2001: A Space Odyssey (HD). Starts May 8.

  • Frat Pack - Laugh out loud with funny leading men this month. Movies include Role Models, Van Wilder, Wild Hogs and Analyze This. Starts May 13.

  • Military & War - This Memorial Day watch this collection of epic war films.  Movies include Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and MASH. Starts May 14.

  • Paranormal Thrillers - Features films with out-of-this-world thrills! Movies include Stigmata, Hide and Seek, The Exorcist and The Exorcist II. Starts May 28.

  • The Omen - Watch Damien strike fear into movie watchers with the original film and three other Omen films. Starts May 28.

 IFC In Theaters - A collection of independent films available the same day as they are shown in the theater!  New titles this month are The Skeptic, about a tormented man's reluctant search for greater meaning in his life and Summer Hours, about the divergent paths of three forty-something siblings which collide when their mother, heiress to her uncle's exceptional 19th century art collection suddenly dies.  These movies are available On Demand under "Movies & Events" under "IFC in Theaters." 

Kids - Showcasing a wide-variety of classic and new kids' movies, May's collection includes, Bridge to Terabithia, The Great Mouse Detective, The Jungle Book 2, Piglet's Big Movie, Pooh's Heffalump Movie, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. These movies and others can be found On Demand in the "Movies & Events" folder under "Kids Movies." 

Disney SVOD - Disney Family Movies, a subscription video on demand service, gives customers unlimited access to approximately 20 hours of content each month.  Movies featured this month include, Disney's Leroy & Stitch, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, A Knight in Camelot and Rescue Dog. These movies and others can be found On Demand in the "Premium Channels" folder under "Disney Family Movies." 

Movies Under $3 - Stay entertained for less with this economic collection of hits. Customers have access to a wide-variety of movies for under $3 including, The First Wives Club, Stuck on You, American Wedding, Chronicles of Riddick and Blade Runner. These movies and others can be found On Demand in the "Movies & Events" folder under "Movie Collections" under "30 Under $3." 

Television Highlights 

This month's highlights include network show finales, premieres of new hot shows, next day availability of new episodes of hit shows and season catch ups.  


Television series premiering On Demand before they air on linear television.  

  • History Channel's Expedition: Africa - Catch the premiere of the new series from Mark Burnett, the genius behind Survivor, Expedition: Africa, one week before airing live - in HD.  Expedition Africa follows four modern-day explorers sailing toward the unknown, the deep interior of Tanzania, and using only a compass and basic maps, they will attempt to recapture the spirit of one of the world's most remarkable adventures-journalist Henry Morton Stanley's perilous 1871 journey to find Dr. Stanley Livingstone. This is available beginning May 21 and can be found On Demand in the "News & World" folder under "History" under "Expedition."

 Next Day Availability
New episodes of today's top shows available the day after they air can be found On Demand in the "TV Series" folder and also in the "HD On Demand" folder. 

  • CBS - New episodes of hit CBS shows are available all in HD.  Shows include, Survivor: Tocantins, CSI, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, Numb3rs, and NCIS.

  • NBC - Catch new episodes of Heroes, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, The Office and the new series Parks and Recreation.

  • Other TV Series - Other hit series available anytime customers want to watch include; FX's Rescue Me (HD), Comedy Central's Reno 911 (HD), Discovery Channel's Out of the Wild (HD) and WE TV's Platinum Weddings. 

 Catch Up

Entire seasons of hit series and season finales of favorite shows available On Demand. 

  • History Channel's Ice Road Truckers - Catch up with season two of History Channel's popular series which follows one of the world's most dangerous professions - available in HD. Starts May 12 and is available On Demand in the "News & World" folder under "History."

  • Network Show Finales - Missed your favorite show's season finale? Catch CBS and NBC show finales On Demand under "Top Picks" from May 14 - 28. 

 Special Programming Highlights 

MTV Movie Awards - We're rolling out the red carpet for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards with a special nominee package and an entire offering dedicated to host Andy Samberg and some of the nominated movies - with most titles available in HD. And for the first time ever, watch the replay of the 2009 MTV Movie Awards On Demand 48 hours after it airs. Additional content includes a 2008 red carpet re-cap and music videos from Andy Samberg.  This content and more will be available On Demand in the "TV Entertainment" folder under "MTV" under "MTV Movie Awards" from May 14 - June 18. 

Asian Entertainment - Learn more about Asian food, culture and people along with popular movies this month.  Content includes Hollywood Chinese, a documentary featuring Ang Lee, the director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a special about Apl De Ap from Black Eyed Peas, Bollywood Dance, popular Filipino music and popular movies Slumdog Millionaire, Bend It Like Beckham, Om Shanti Om and The Namesake. This content will be available On Demand under "Top Picks" from May 1 - 29 

Honoring Our Heroes - This Memorial Day remember our heroes with this unique offering.  Watch episodes from the Military Channel about World War II, Pearl Harbor, D-Day and more On Demand under "Top Picks" from May 14 - 26.   

For the Brides-to-Be - It's that time of year; love is in the air! Wedding season is upon us, and brides-to-be can get dress ideas, dance lessons and ab workouts all available On Demand under "Top Picks" from May 28 - June 11.  

Activity TV: Mother's Day - May 10th is Mother's Day, so tune in to the Kids section On Demand to learn fun and creative ideas for presents! See how to transform an old egg carton into a blooming bouquet of spring flowers. Create a whimsical wind chime or a charm necklace that is sure to impress. Learn how to make a business card holder for a busy mom on the go, or tumbled candles perfect for decorating the house. All these and more great ideas are available any time you want On Demand in the "Kids" folder under "Activity TV." 

With more than 11 billion views to date, Comcast's On Demand library has grown to include more than 10,000 choices available each month, including more than 1,000 choices in HD available at any time.  Comcast's extensive On Demand library features everything from movies, music and top TV shows to the most popular kids, sports, lifestyle and local programs available anytime, anywhere and with the ability to pause, rewind and fast-forward selections. 

Note: Offerings and availability can vary by Market