PBS KIDS Sprout Launches New 24/7 Preschool Network Today

Philadelphia, PA.

Multi-Platform Destination Available On-Air, On-Demand and On-Line; Features Quality Content Kids Love and Parents Trust


PBS KIDS Sprout today announced the launch of the new 24/7 preschool network and its website making PBS KIDS Sprout the perfect place for parents and their little ones to enjoy the wonders of early childhood -- anytime, anywhere. PBS KIDS Sprout is available on digital cable and satellite with over 16 million committed subscribers dedicated to offering little ones safe, fun, quality content.

PBS KIDS Sprout features an extraordinary lineup of shows including:
Sesame Street(R), Bob the Builder(TM), Barney & Friends(TM), Thomas &
Friends(TM), Angelina Ballerina(TM), Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat(TM),
Caillou(R), The Berenstain Bears(TM), Jay Jay the Jet Plane(TM),
Teletubbies(TM), Dragon Tales(TM), Pingu(TM), Noddy(TM) and more!

Diana Kerekes, the acting GM for PBS KIDS Sprout said, "Building on the
remarkable success of our video-on-demand (VOD) service, we're very excited to
be launching our digital cable channel and website today -- making Sprout
truly a multi-platform destination for preschoolers and their caregivers."
Kerekes added, "Not only does Sprout offer programming that is trusted, we're
also able to provide such programs after 6pm, when other preschool channels
just aren't available; that's why we say we're PBS KIDS Sprout -- all
preschool, all the time!"

The channel features thematic programming blocks uniquely scheduled to
follow the day of a preschooler from breakfast through to bedtime. Morning
programming on PBS KIDS Sprout features stimulating and upbeat shows designed
to get little ones moving and active for the day ahead. Lunchtimes and
afternoons offer shows with common learning themes such as shapes, colors and
feelings. The evening programming block includes soothing, relaxing shows to
help children gently wind down after a busy day.

Hosts Kevin and Melanie, the first members of the PBS KIDS Sprout on-air
family, appear in original segments between favorite shows creating a safe and
nurturing environment. Throughout the day, Kevin and Melanie lead fun and
engaging activities that encourage interactivity and learning. Kevin, the
Birthday Host, shares viewer submitted birthday greetings and celebrations,
while Bedtime Host, Melanie, plays games, does arts and crafts and tells

PBS KIDS Sprout also offers a complete video-on-demand (VOD) service
featuring 50 hours of VOD content every day. With video-on-demand, a parent
can access their preschooler's favorite show -- exactly when they want; you
can start any show and play and stop and stop and play! PBS KIDS Sprout On
Demand also features Spanish-language programming, including episodes of
Barney & Friends, Bob the Builder and Angelina Ballerina, as well as Plaza
Sesamo, the Spanish-language adaptation of Sesame Street.

The PBS KIDS Sprout complementary website, http://www.sproutletsgrow.com,
offers a fun, safe environment for little ones and their caregivers to engage
in shared moments of learning and laughing while surfing and playing together.
Sproutletsgrow.com offers original games, programming schedule as well as
user-friendliness in interacting with preschoolers' most beloved characters.

If PBS KIDS Sprout isn't available yet in your neighborhood, please
contact your local cable company.

About PBS KIDS Sprout

PBS KIDS Sprout was created as a partnership between Comcast Corporation
(Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK), the country's leading provider of cable, entertainment
and communications products and services; PBS (Public Broadcasting Service),
the most trusted distributor of award-winning children's programming; and HIT
Entertainment and Sesame Workshop, two of the leading providers of quality
entertainment for young children.