Oscars Viewing Survey: Some Americans Will Watch More Than Five Hours of Pre-, Post-Event Coverage

Philadelphia, PA.

Comcast poll reveals binge-watching habits of nominated movies, red carpet in preparation for parties, Oscar pools – with millennials spending the most time.

According to an independent poll commissioned by Comcast regarding Oscars viewing habits, on the big night more than half of viewers (65%) plan to watch a couple hours of pre- and post-Oscars coverage. Of this group, a quarter will tally more than three hours – and nearly one in five Millennials (17% of 18-34-year-olds) are wholly devoted to the awards show, clocking in with an incredible five-plus hours of pre- and post- event coverage.

The interest starts well before Oscars night, however. In preparation for one of television’s biggest events, nearly half (43%) of respondents say they’re prepping for the show by reviewing nomination guides and video announcements, and more than a third (36%) are binge-watching nominated movies to be in-the-know come February 28. While they’re at it, more than a quarter (28%) will be catching up on the best moments, winner speeches and highlights from previous years. Even after the ceremony, committed viewing habits remain: nearly half (48%) of respondents say they are very or extremely likely to re-watch the best moments from the Oscars.

These results bode well for Xfinity customers, who have access to the most comprehensive Oscars video library in the country via Xfinity On Demand. Featuring hundreds of videos that include show highlights, prior award-winning films, and memorable Oscars moments from past shows, Xfinity is the ultimate destination for the best Oscars content. "We’re thrilled to work with The Academy and ABC to give our Xfinity subscribers a unique end-to-end experience for all things Oscars," said Daniel Spinosa, General Manager Movies, Pay-Per-View and Commerce, Comcast Cable. "With the Xfinity X1 platform, we are changing the way people experience TV and giving our customers the opportunity to more deeply engage with marquee events like the Oscars."

More detailed findings from the Oscars survey include:

Do Quote Me on It

  • The vast majority of respondents (77%) are more likely to remember their favorite movie quote word-for-word than the name of their second grade teacher. That's good news for Oscar fans since Comcast's entire Xfinity on Demand library is searchable by famous movie quotes. For instance, say "life is like a box of chocolates" into the voice remote, and up pops Forrest Gump.

Can’t Hardly Wait

  • It’s not surprising that Oscar night’s big category winners (Best Picture, Best Actress or Actor, and Best Director) are what respondents are looking forward to the most, with more than half (53%) waiting in anticipation for these reveals on the big night. Sunday’s most talked about segments will be uploaded onto Xfinity on Demand in real time, including red carpet interviews, winner speeches and much more.

Hit Rewind a Second Time

  • Nearly half (48%) of respondents say they are very or extremely likely to re-watch the best moments from the Oscars. Men are significantly more likely than women to say they are going to watch again (52% vs. 45%). Even more, a full two-thirds (65%) of Millennials aged 18-34 say they will likely re-watch the best moments of the night.

The day after the show, the full Oscars telecast will be available to watch on demand through March 2. In addition, highlights from the event will be added to the Oscars destination, giving customers the opportunity to catch-up or re-live the night’s biggest moments, including red carpet interviews, winner speeches, musical numbers and skits.