Keep Your Family and Personal Information Safe Online as Busiest Internet Shopping Week of the Year Kicks off

Philadelphia, PA.

As the busiest online shopping week of the year kicks off today,* Comcast has enhanced its McAfee® Internet Security Suite offering and given its residential high-speed Internet customers another reason to feel safer online.  This upgraded software, available on the Comcast.net Security home page (www.comcast.net/security), is free of charge to current Comcast High-Speed Internet customers and helps offer a safer online shopping experience this holiday season.  Comcast customers can now use one of the most highly-acclaimed Internet security solutions offered by any Internet Service Provider, which provides them with a comprehensive set of security tools in a single download.**  New features to the upgraded version include:

  • Identity Theft Protection - helps guard customers' identities when online; McAfee Password Vault provides a safe place to store confidential passwords;
  • Windows Protection - detects and kills applications such as root kits that hide from Windows with McAfee X-Ray for Windows;
  • McAfee SystemGuards - monitors computers for specific behaviors that indicate the presence of viruses, spyware or hacker-like activities;
  • Backup & Restore Files - saves copies of customers' most valuable files as encrypted and compressed files on a CD/DVD, USB, external or network drive;
  • Built-In PC Health and Performance Tools - helps ensure that the PC will run at peak performance with automated disc defragmenter and file clean-up for applications and browser history;
  • McAfee Image Analysis - helps keep offensive content and pictures away from children;
  • McAfee Network Manager - monitors PCs across a network for security weaknesses; allows security issues to be fixed easily from one, centralized network map; and,
  • Built-In McAfee Shredder - enables the ability to digitally "shred" confidential files.

"With more people expected to shop online during the upcoming holiday season and more online threats making consumers increasingly vulnerable, it's critical that we provide our customers with a simple, convenient and safe way for them to help protect their identities, their families and their digital assets from online threats this holiday season," said Mitch Bowling, senior vice president and general manager of Comcast's High-Speed Internet Services group.

According to McAfee, more than 75 percent of Americans using the Internet lack core protections against viruses, malware and hackers, and this set of security tools provides them with what they need to protect their experience online.***

"For most of us, the holiday season has become a prime online shopping season where we scramble to purchase our presents before holiday shipping deadlines," said Todd Gebhart, senior vice president and general manager, McAfee Consumer, Mobile and Small Business.  "Cyber criminals are well-organized groups that use their computers to steal identities, credit cards, or take over computers to serve criminal enterprises.  Their motives may be old-fashioned, but their tactics and tools are very high-tech.  Before going online, it's important for consumers to make sure their PCs are secure, and we are delighted that Comcast is using McAfee to help meet this goal."

In order to help secure a computer and personal information, Comcast and McAfee recommend following these eight simple steps:

  1. Use anti-virus software and tools - Install active and up-to-date anti-virus software on all computers to detect and remove viruses and keyloggers that can steal customers' identities when using their bank or credit cards online.  Comcast customers can also download a free Comcast Toolbar, which includes anti-spyware, a pop-up blocker and alerts about Web sites that are potentially unsafe.
  2. Use anti-phishing software - Phishing is a term used for Internet scammers who imitate legitimate companies in e-mails to entice people to share user names, passwords, account information or credit card numbers.  Make sure to also install anti-phishing software to ensure you don't get duped by these kinds of online scams.
  3. Turn operating system updates on - Ensure the operating system's automatic updates are turned on.  Most operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh, include free automated security updates to protect computers and files from hackers.
  4. Install a firewall - A firewall is the first line of defense against online threats.  It monitors the data passed between a computer and the Internet.  Of the 70 percent of Americans that believe they have a firewall installed, only 64 percent actually have it enabled.***  If customers already have a firewall, make sure that it is enabled.
  5. Secure your wireless network - One in ten Americans have been the victim of online identity theft.  Secure access to home or personal networks with a password to make sure that others cannot access any personal information by hopping on to your wireless network.  Those who are especially vulnerable are those who live in apartment buildings or densely populated neighborhoods.
  6. Choose a secure password - When a Web site requires a username and password, create a secure password by combining different numbers and letters.  Remember, the longer the password the better.  In addition, always completely log off of a Web site after completing an online transaction.  Finally, never allow unauthorized persons access to secret passwords.  If they must be written down, keep them well hidden.
  7. Above all, be skeptical - The Internet not only presents enormous possibilities, but also serious risks.  Make good decisions.  Use the same common sense in a real world shopping experience when shopping online at home.  Does an online offer seem too good to be true?  If it does, it could be a scam, which is why you should shop from online retailers that you trust.
  8. Don't be afraid to "Get Help" - Through Comcast.net's Security channel, anyone can access a range of helpful information such as instructions on how to check to see if operating system updates are on, guidance on choosing secure passwords, how to secure a wireless network and other helpful tips to keep children safe online this holiday season.

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*According to the National Retail Federation, "The internet will once again play a crucial role for retailers," with an estimated 44.3 percent of consumers predicting to do a portion of their 2007 Holiday shopping online.
**Not all features, including McAfee, are compatible with Macintosh systems.
***According to the McAfee/NCSA Online Safety Study, 78 percent of Americans lack core protection that includes updated anti -virus, a firewall that is turned on, and anti-spyware.

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