Fancast and Federated Media Launch 'Our TV Picks,' a Social Media-Driven Digital Video Guide

Philadelphia, PA.

With so much to watch online, it is now just a little bit easier to choose.  Fancast (www.fancast.com), the ultimate, next generation entertainment site where users can watch premium entertainment for free including over 6,000 TV episodes and create and manage their personal entertainment experience, has joined forces with Federated Media and four of the Web's hottest bloggers to develop a digital video guide called "Our TV Picks." 

"Our TV Picks" brings top bloggers "Ask A Ninja," "Boing Boing," "Dooce" and "NOTCOT" together for a robust and entertaining conversation about the best video content on Fancast including comedy, horror, drama, and, prime time TV.  Now, on Fancast, through the digital guide fans can engage in conversation with each other, and with the bloggers about content on the site. The four bloggers will post regularly on their favorite shows and will offer their unique perspectives on which shows resonate with them and why. 

On Fancast's "Our TV Picks" fans will learn tidbits like why "Ask A Ninja" thinks "CSI: Miami" is "actually a comedy hiding inside a drama," and why "Dooce" blogger Heather B. Armstrong has labeled herself a "reality show junkie" and longs to be Tina Fey.   

"Our TV Picks' is one more way that Fancast is creating the greatest entertainment experience on the Web," said Karin Gilford SVP of Fancast and Online Entertainment, Comcast Interactive Media. "By partnering with these bloggers, Fancast users can engage in buzz around entertainment on the site.  So not only is Fancast helping them watch great content online, but we're helping them experience it as well." 

Leading Bloggers participating in Our TV Picks include: 

  • "Ask A Ninja" is a pioneering digital video podcast and one of the most popular video series on the Web. The Ninja will offer his unique comedic take on Fancast programming.

  • "Dooce" is written by Heather Armstrong, an irreverent stay-at-home-mom who entertains her dedicated fans with distinctive family-life photography and commentary. Heather offers her irreverent in-the-know picks to the Fancast community.

  • "Boing Boing" is among the five most-visited blogs on the web for a reason: they are hard-wired into the Web's coolest finds. The original digerati, the Boing Boing crew will point  Fancast users to great digital entertainment.

  • "NOTCOT" has become the daily sources of inspiration for creatives everywhere. With their inspired picks, NOTCOT will help the Fancast community fight against "creative block."

"Boing Boing' has long been known as 'a directory of wonderful things,'" said Xeni Jardin, co-editor of the Boing Boing blog and executive producer of "Boing Boing TV." "This project is a perfect fit, because we intend to help make Our TV Picks a directory of wonderful video. Fancast makes it easier for fans to find and watch movies and television shows they love, wherever it happens to live. I applaud their efforts on that front, and am excited about this joint project." 

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