Fall Tune-In: 3D, Same-Day as DVD Movies, Fall Shows and More!

Philadelphia, PA.

Top Highlights Include:

  • 6 Movies Same Day As DVD - State of Play (9/1), Next Day Air (9/15), Observe and Report (9/22), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (9/22), The Brothers Bloom (9/29) and Away We Go (9/29). Available On Demand via HD On Demand>Movies & Events>All Movies or Movies & Events>Just In.

  • Free Disney Movies - Select Disney movies will be available On Demand for FREE during the Labor Day weekend from 9/3 through 9/7.  Available On Demand via Top Picks>Free Disney Movies.

  • Coraline 3D SD/HD - Watch Coraline travel through her alternate universe in 3D!  We will be mailing 3D glasses to each payment center and mall location throughout the Comcast footprint in support of Coraline 3D SD/HD.  (Note: Please see attached for a list of mall kiosks and payment centers where 3D glasses will be available).  If you received 3D glasses to watch the movie My Bloody Valentine 3D, these 3D glasses will work with Coraline 3D SD/HD. Available On Demand via Movies & Events>All New Movies beginning 9/03.

  • Mayweather-Marquez SD/HD - Get ready for the big event on 9/19 by watching the greatest fights from both fighters and an episode of 24/7.   Available On Demand via Movies & Events>UFC WWE & Boxing>Mayweather-Marquez or HD On Demand>Movies & Events>UFC WWE & Boxing>Maywether-Marquez beginning 9/02.

  • UFC 103 - Gear up for UFC 103 Franklin vs Belfort on 9/19 by watching UFC previews, past fights and watch what it's like to train for a major fight all on UFC On Demand.  Available On Demand via Movies & Events>UFC WWE & Boxing>UFC available now.

  • Stone Cold Freeview - WWE Classics presents a free preview of Stone Cold Steve Austin's greatest match ups.  Available On Demand via Movies & Events>UFC WWE & Boxing>Stone Cold Freeview beginning 9/02.

  • Dexter SD/HD - Gear up for season 4 of Dexter and watch how it all began as Showtime offers the entire first season of Dexter available for FREE in Top Picks.  Available On Demand via Top Picks>Dexter and Top Picks>Dexter HD beginning 9/10.

 Television Highlights: 

  • Premieres:   Television series premiering On Demand before they are on linear television

  • Crash SD/HD - Episodes 1 & 2 of Crash season 2 premieres On Demand.  Available On Demand via HD On Demand>TV Series>Crash beginning 9/11.

  • Epitafios SD/HD - HBO Latino premieres episodes 1 & 2 of Epitafios season 2 available On Demand for free. Available On Demand via Top Picks>Epitafios or Top Picks>Epitafios HD beginning 9/

  • Man Shops Globe - Sundance Channel's premieres episode of their new series On Demand.  Follow the chic retailer, Anthropologie's head buyer as he travels the globe to find one-of-a-kind treasures.  Available On Demand via TV Entertainment>Sundance Channel beginning 9/30.

  • Next day availability: New episodes of today's top shows available the day after they air include:  Project Runway, Mad Men Season 3, Top Chef, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sons of Anarchy, Entourage Season 6, True Blood Season 2, Monk Season 8, Psych Season 4 and more.

  • Catch ups:   Entire seasons of hit series and best of episodes of hit shows available On Demand.

  • Mad Men SD/HD -Gear up for the third season of this award-winning series by catching up with your favorite devilishly handsome ad-men of season 2.  Available On Demand now via HD On Demand>TV Entertainment>AMC or TV Entertainment>AMC.

  • Dexter SD/HD - watch season 1 - 3 of your favorite "moral" series killer. Available now On Demand via Premium Channels>Showtime On Demand.

  • The Office Top 25 - Beets, bears, Battlestar Galactica!  Don't miss the top 25 The Office episodes in this unique offer.   Available On Demand via TV Entertainment>NBC ends 9/15.

  • Californication SD/HD - Catch up on Season 2 of Showtime's hit series Premium Channels>SHO On Demand>Sho Series available now

 Additional Highlights: 

  • Top Picks (all available under the Top Picks category):

    - Hispanic Heritage 9/15-10/15 - We celebrate Hispanic Heritage this month by providing the best of Latino culture from authentic cuisine and music to iconic actors and the history of the country in English and Spanish.  Watch music videos and documentaries from legendary artists and pop icons of today, movies celebrating famous Latin Americans and special programming from Univision, HBO, HBO Latino, CNN, SiTV and more!

    - Network Fall Previews 8/31-9/30 - Catch a sneak peek at some of your favorite returning network series and new fall shows. 

    - Fast & Furious SD/HD - The high speed franchise is back with a fourth installment and faster than ever! Watch all 4 movies in SD/HD.

  • Movies Collections (Navigation: Movies & Events>Movie Collections) -Some of this month's Movie Collection highlights are:

  • Kid Spies - Watch as the kids get in on the action.  Films include, Agent Cody Banks, Nancy Drew and Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.  Starts 9/01.

  • Best Car Chases SD/HD - Get in on all of the best car chase action this month.  Films include Fast & Furious (all 4 movies from the franchise are included), The Rock and Live Free or Die Hard.  Starts 9/10.

  • Cops Gone Bad SD/HD - Sometimes good cops take a turn for the worst.  Films include Observe & Report, Training Day and The Departed.  Starts 9/17.

 HD On Demand: 

  • HD On Demand - There are currently more than 1,000 HD Choices On Demand.

  • Free HD highlights: This month Palladia present Hard Rock Calling starts 9/11.  Free movies include Moviepass' Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon starts 9/16.

  • Premium HD highlights: This month includes Starz' On Demand Premiere of Bedtime Stories 9/05 and HBO's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa  starts 9/21.


  • Top New Release Movies - all in HD (box office in millions) - State of Play HD starts 9/01, Coraline 3D HD starts 9/03, Fast & Furious HD starts 9/10, Dance Flick HD starts 9/15, Crank 2 High Voltage HD starts 9/22, Observe & Report HD starts 9/22, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past HD starts 9/22, Sunshine Cleaning HD starts 9/23, Fighting HD starts 9/23, Adventureland HD starts 9/24, X-Men Origins: Wolverine HD starts 9/29.

  • Kids Movies - Great movies to catch this month are Nancy Drew, Dennis the Menace, Agent Cody Banks, Catch That Kid, Chill Out Scooby Doo, Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy, Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl and many more!

  • IFC In Theaters - A Collection of independent films available the same day as they are shown in the theaters for $6.99 each. New titles this month are Passing Strange (8/26) and Paris (9/16) both available in HD and available now.

 Premium Highlights: 

  • HBO On Demand - Movies: The Secret Life of Bees 9/07, Wanted 9/28, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 9/21, Hellboy II 9/14.

  • Series: Curb Your Enthusiasm (Catch up) available now, Bored to Death 9/21, Entourage HD available now, True Blood HD available now, Hung HD available now.

  • Showtime On Demand - Movies: The Bank Job 9/10, The Mist 9/04, The Eye 9/06Series: Nurse Jackie HD (On Demand premiere) available now, Penn & Teller: BS! Available now, The Tudors HD available now, Dexter HD available now.

  • Starz On Demand - Movies:   Bedtimes Stories 9/14, Bolt 9/22, Doubt 9/07, Cadillac Records 9/10 (all movies listed are On Demand premieres).

  • Series: Crash Season 2 9/11.

  • Cinemax - Movies:  Body of Lies 9/10, Changeling 9/03, Choke 9/24, The Dark Knight 9/17, The X Files: I want to Believe 9/10 (all movies listed are On Demand premieres).

  • Encore On Demand - Movies: Bruckheimer Movie Collection: Armageddon, Bad Boys, Cat People, Enemy of the State, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Pearl Harbor available now, Step up 2: The Streets 9/18, Bridget Jones's Diary 9/04, Summer of Sam 8/28.

  • Movieplex - Movies:   Gross Point Blank 9/04, French Kiss 9/04, Point Break 9/04, An American Tail 9/11, Ghandi 8/28, Midnight Express 9/04.

  • Disney Family Movies  - Movies:  Hocus Pocus 9/15, Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World 9/01, The Air Up There 9/15, Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story 9/01 , Air Bud 8/25.

  • Free Disney Movies - select movies available FREE under Top Picks 9/03-9/07: 101 Dalmatians, Mary Poppins, Tarzan and Pixar shorts

  •  October Sneak Peak (tentative)

  • Pink Ribbon Campaign - Comcast has partnered with Breastcancer.org to bring you an array of inspiring and informative programs throughout October.

  • Horror Movies - A full collection of free (Fearnet), cult (Full Moon Horror) and mainstream horror films.