Comcast to Double Downstream Speeds For Comcast High-Speed Internet Customers

Philadelphia, PA.

Comcast High-School Internet Customers to Receive 3Mbps Service at No Additional Cost; Customers in Atlanta, Detroit, Knowxville, Pittsburgh and 10 other U.S. Cities; First to Receive Faster Broadband Service

Comcast, the nation's number one broadband provider, today announced that it will double downstream speeds for its residential Comcast High-Speed Internet customers allowing them to take full advantage of the richest broadband content and applications that the Internet has to offer. Downstream speeds for Comcast High-Speed Internet customers will be increased to 3Mbps from 1.5Mbps at no additional cost.

The faster service is making its debut today in Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas, Ga., Hattiesburg, Miss., Independence, Mo., Knoxville, Tenn., Lake County, Fla., Meridian, Miss., Mobile, Ala., Muncie, Ind., Panama City, Fla., Pittsburgh, Savannah, Ga., and Tuscaloosa, Ala.

While the service is officially being launched today in 14 U.S. markets, the increased speeds will be progressively deployed to all Comcast markets based on technical readiness. The company projects that the majority of customers will receive the faster speed by the end of the year. The speed increase will be automatic and customers will not be required to download any special files or upgrade their connections. To take advantage of the new speeds, customers in upgraded areas need only to unplug their modems, wait 60 seconds and plug it back in. Upstream speeds will remain the same at 256Kbps.

"As a premier provider of high-speed Internet service, Comcast continues to redefine broadband and create more customer value," said David Juliano, senior vice president and general manager for Comcast Online. "Comcast will continue to enhance our service to provide a superior experience for our customers. In survey after survey, our customers tell us what they value most in an Internet service is speed. We're addressing this by providing a faster broadband speed at no additional cost."

Since late June, Comcast has been performing technical tests of the increased download speed in Atlanta, Knoxville and Pittsburgh. Customers have been pleased with the faster speeds and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The doubled downstream speed allows customers to do many of the activities that they enjoy even faster. For example, if a customer purchases a CD online consisting of 15 songs, the typical download at 1.5Mbps takes about six minutes. With the increased speed of 3Mbps, the same download requires only about three minutes.

The 3Mbps downstream speed will also provide customers with faster access to Comcast's premier broadband customer destination site at www.comcast.net. The site, which was launched in July, features content built exclusively for a broadband connection. Special features include flash-based video content such as movie trailers and entertainment clips, wire service news, magazine-quality photos, games and other broadband applications that come to life with click- and-play ease.

"Comcast's strategy is to provide our broadband customers with more value, features and a speed to support the evolving Internet," said Juliano. "The doubling of downstream speed is a significant step in offering customers a superior high-speed Internet experience while preparing our network and service offerings for long-term business growth."

Comcast High-Speed Internet is available for $42.95* per month for current cable television customers. Non-cable customers may also subscribe to the service for $57.95* per month [prices may vary slightly by market]. For more information about Comcast High-Speed Internet, consumers should visit www.comcast.com or call 1-888-COMCAST.

Today, Comcast provides high-speed Internet service to nearly 4.4 million customers. The company projects that it will provide broadband Internet service to 5.2 million customers by year-end.