Network and Engineering 

Comcast Provides Updated Information on Network Management Practices

Philadelphia, PA.

Attributable to Sena Fitzmaurice, Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Government Affairs

"We manage our network for one reason: to deliver a superior, reliable, high-quality experience to every high-speed Internet customer, every time they use our service.  As we previously announced in March, we are changing the way we manage network congestion by the end of this year.  The new technique does not manage congestion based on the protocol or application a consumer uses.  This new technique will ensure that all customers get their fair share of bandwidth every hour of the day. As we roll out these new practices, we'll make sure our customers are fully informed." 

For more information please visit, www.comcast.net/networkmanagement  

This link will be updated with materials about our new technique the evening of Friday, September 19th.