Comcast Powers 300,000 Xfinity WiFi Hotspots in New England

Philadelphia, PA.

Xfinity is the fastest and has more hotspots than any other WiFi network in the region, nation.

Comcast announced today that it has reached a significant milestone in its Xfinity WiFi network by eclipsing 300,000 hotspots in New England. With even more hotspots planned this year, the region is one of Comcast’s largest contributors to its march toward launching one million nationwide access points, comprising the largest WiFi network in the country.  

"Our customers are turning to WiFi more than ever because they want high-speed access to keep up with can’t miss communications or enjoy favorite TV shows on the go," said Steve Hackley, senior vice president of Comcast's Greater Boston Region, which includes eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.  

"Xfinity WiFi gives our qualified customers the benefit of free access to thousands of hotspots where they can stay connected and surf online anytime," added Mary McLaughlin, senior vice president of Comcast’s Western New England Region, which includes Connecticut, western Massachusetts, and Vermont. 

In addition to being the largest WiFi network, Xfinity WiFi also is the fastest, providing mobile access at key locations where customers spend time working, commuting, dining and socializing from Boston’s Innovation District to Harvard Square and throughout main streets in the suburbs from Framingham to Cape Cod and southern New Hampshire. Elsewhere in New England, Xfinity WiFi is available from Connecticut’s Capital City to the Pioneer Valley’s 91 corridor and Vermont’s waterfront city of Burlington. Xfinity WiFi also surrounds most major colleges and universities in the Greater Boston area from MIT and Boston University to the University of New Hampshire. 

Finding the nearest Xfinity WiFi hotspot

Qualified Xfinity Internet customers can access Xfinity WiFi hotspots, at no additional charge, by selecting "xfinitywifi" from the list of available networks on their laptops or mobile devices and enter their Comcast ID or email and password. After the initial sign in, customers will be automatically connected to the network whenever they are in a hotspot location. It is easy to locate business and outdoor hotspots by downloading the Xfinity WiFi App, available on iOS and Android devices, or visit the hotspot finder map on www.xfinity.com/wifi.  

How Comcast has created this network:

  • Xfinity WiFi Outdoor Hotspots -- Located in key outdoor areas where our customers shop, dine and commute, outdoor hotspots can be found at popular locations such as Coolidge Corner, Harvard Square and along Main Streets throughout the Greater Boston area.

  • Xfinity WiFi Neighborhood Hotspots – In June of last year, Comcast announced its plans to create millions of WiFi access points for its customers through a neighborhood hotspot initiative. Comcast is the first major ISP in the country to deploy this innovative technology. This new initiative gives customers with Xfinity Wireless Gateways an additional "xfinitywifi" signal (or SSID) in their home that is completely separate and distinct from the private and secure home WiFi signal. Offered at no additional cost, the additional WiFi signal will allow visiting Xfinity Internet subscribers instant, easy access to fast and reliable WiFi without the need to share the home’s private network password and without an impact to the home subscriber’s speed. And since visitors sign in with their own Xfinity credentials, their usage and activities are tied back to their own accounts, not the homeowner’s.

  • Xfinity WiFi Hotspots in Business Locations Comcast Business Internet customers can opt to receive an Xfinity WiFi hotspot when they order the service. 

 For more information about Xfinity WiFi, please visit www.xfinity.com/wifi.