Comcast High-Speed Internet Enhances Comcast.Net To Become Broadband Destination Site

Philadelphia, PA.

Comcast High-Speed Internet customers now can experience a rich selection of multimedia services, features and content with the recent improvements to Comcast.net, a newly developed premier broadband destination site that comes included with Comcast High-Speed Internet service. Comcast.net is designed to help customers take full advantage of the power and capabilities of their high-speed, always-on Internet connections.


"Comcast is working to deliver a total broadband experience. We've built Comcast.net to showcase the capabilities of our broadband connections," said Greg Butz, senior vice president of Marketing and Business Development for Comcast Online. "Comcast High-Speed Internet presents the Internet as it is meant to be experienced - lightning fast with full click-and-play ease. Comcast is leading the way by pairing the power of our high-speed connections with the best of the Internet."


Comcast customers will enjoy many new features of Comcast.net built exclusively for a broadband connection without having to perform special downloads or upgrades. Flash-based video content such as movie trailers and entertainment clips, wire service news, magazine-quality photos, games and other broadband content that come to life with click-and-play ease are all a part of the Comcast experience. In addition, customers will find the absence of Comcast pop-ups and the limited use of advertising appealing.


"A pure broadband home page allows us to deliver more value to our customers beyond an always-on, high-speed connection," said Butz.


Comcast designed Comcast.net for easy navigation by organizing content into broadband "Channels" such as news, finance, sports, entertainment and games. The Toolbox' also is located on the home page, providing quick access to Web-based mail, online file storage, personal web page authoring, help and account management services. Best-in-class companies such as Google, ComStock and Associated Press supply content in each of the channels.


Upon signing in to Comcast.net, customers are treated to a clean and intuitive start page showcasing a flash-based Spotlight of the day featuring information on sports, fashion trends, Hollywood gossip, cooking clips, news photos or movie trailers. The Comcast Channels and Toolbox bars, located on the left section of the home page, lead customers to special broadband content and features.


Comcast.net start page




  • Spotlight - By gliding their cursors over a picture bar, customers can learn more about a new movie, book, celebrity or event. With a quick click, customers can follow links to find out more on a topic. The Today In Photos' section of Spotlight features Associated Press photos for a quick snapshot of current events.


  • Photo of the Day - Comcast customers can submit their personal photos to be featured on the home page. More than 10,000 customer photos have been submitted since the inception of this Comcast community service.


  • Search - Comcast.net proudly features the top-rated Internet search engine Google on the home page so that customers can easily navigate to sites across the Internet. Other search features include white/yellow page listings, reverse lookup, maps, directions and classifieds.


  • Weather - Even customizing the weather becomes more fun with broadband. With information supplied by the Weather Channel, customers can customize their weather settings with an easy-to-use interactive tool.








  • News - Taking full advantage of Comcast's broadband capabilities, the Comcast Newsroom features current video news clips from news services across the country. The channel also contains up-to-the-minute national, international, health, technology and political news from Associated Press.


  • Finance -Comcast High-Speed Internet customers can easily personalize their portfolios with brokerage-class financial tools provided by ComStock. Customers have one-click access to their personal stock Watch List, e-mail Price Alerts for when stocks hit specified prices and advanced charting and comparison tools.


  • Sports - From baseball to football, auto racing to boxing, customers can get the latest scores, highlights, headlines and news on their favorite professional and college sports.


  • Entertainment -The Entertainment channel delivers the latest information on the hottest releases, news from the red carpet, the latest fashion trends from New York to Paris and more. Comcast showcases topical, timely and hot happenings in its "Fresh" column - a weekly guide to what's cool on broadband. Comcast.net users also have access to "Showcase," a special entertainment section highlighting what's airing this month, sweepstakes and special offers available only to Comcast High-Speed Internet customers. For information on local entertainment, customers can search for movie show times and TV listings by ZIP code.


  • Games - Behind e-mail and shopping, playing games is one of the top reported and most popular Internet activities. Comcast customers will be able to discover, play, purchase and manage more than 130 PC games through Comcast Arcade, presented by RealNetworks, making the acquisition and enjoyment of online web and downloadable games fun, easy and reliable. IGN supplies the latest game news, reviews and previews so that Comcast customers stay abreast of the latest trends. Customers also can preview games and video clips with G4. G4 is the preeminent cable network dedicated to the world of games.




Comcast also redesigned the customer account management section of the website into an easy-to-use Toolbox. Customers can gain remote access to their e-mail, find information on safety and security and learn how to take advantage of special Comcast services such as online storage, personal web pages and the Comcast Photo Center.






  • Mail - Customers can access their Comcast.net e-mail accounts securely from anywhere. Comcast provides customers up to seven e-mail accounts with leading spam and anti-virus protection for every account.


  • Service Center - Customers can add an e-mail account, change passwords, chat with technical support, get a tech tip of the day, update their e-mail contact preferences and get the latest news on online safety and security. Comcast customers also receive exclusive offers including a free firewall from McAfee, a leader in network security solutions.


  • Online Storage - Customers can use Online Storage so they can access files and folders from any Internet connection. Online Storage is a new feature for former AT&T Broadband customers who are moving to Comcast High-Speed Internet.


  • Personal Web Pages - Creating, editing and posting a personal web page is easy with Comcast's Personal Web Pages tools. Customers have access to design resources, graphics, sample sites and tutorials to make site creation fun.


  • Photo Center - Comcast is helping digital shutterbugs make the most of their high-tech cameras and photos with a host of online tools. Comcast High-Speed Internet and Snapfish, a leading online photo service for digital and traditional film, offer customers the ability to print, share and store professional-quality pictures online and manage their photo memories in a password-protected online account. Comcast customers receive photo storage and a free development/digital print offer through the Comcast Photo Center.




Comcast's more than four million Comcast High-Speed Internet customers including former AT&T Broadband customers, who on Monday began transitioning to Comcast High-Speed Internet, have automatic access to the latest version of Comcast.net. Comcast.net requires a customer's user name and password to gain access to the site's special features and services. Access to Comcast.net is included in the monthly price of Comcast High-Speed Internet. Comcast High-Speed Internet offers customers a lightning fast connection of up to 1.5Mbps downsteam and 256Kbps upstream.


[Note to Media: To experience the new www.comcast.net, please contact Sarah Eder at 720-267-3048 to arrange for a temporary username and password.]


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