Community Impact

Empowering Communities One Neighborhood at a Time

The Comcast Foundation has contributed more than $200 million since 1999.

Q: When was the Comcast Foundation founded?

A: The Comcast Foundation was founded by Comcast Corporation in June 1999 to provide charitable support to qualified non-profit organizations.

Q: What does the Comcast Foundation do?

A: The Foundation primarily invests in programs and non-profit organizations that strengthen our communities. Our primary focus is on funding diversity-oriented programs that address:

  • Digital literacy and related programs
  • Community service and volunteerism initiatives
  • Building tomorrow’s leaders

Q: Why does the Comcast Foundation focus on just three primary needs?

A: We believe that expanding digital literacy, promoting community service and building tomorrow’s leaders are three areas where we can make a real difference in local communities, particularly when augmented by volunteer time, promotional activities and other in-kind contributions by Comcast.

Q: How much does the Comcast Foundation give away?

A: Since its inception, the Comcast Foundation has donated more than $200 million to organizations in the communities nationwide that Comcast serves. In 2016, the Comcast Foundation donated nearly $20 million in grants to non-profit organizations.

Q: How do you identify potential grantees?

A: Our local Comcast systems identify organizations as potential grant recipients or as part of our national initiatives such as Comcast Cares Day. Only organizations operating within Comcast Cable’s service areas will be considered. While there are many non-profit organizations effectively making a difference in our communities, we regret that we cannot support them all.

Our community partners are proactively identified by local Comcast employees in the field. As members of the community, they have an intimate knowledge of local non-profits and can best allocate the funds to projects that will make the largest impact where it is most needed.

Q: What types of organizations will Comcast not fund?

A: Organizations without 501(c)(3) status; organizations that practice discrimination by race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or national origin; marketing sponsorships; sporting events; trips or tours; capital campaigns; endowments; research studies; lobbying campaigns; donor-advised funds; private foundations; individuals; political candidates or political organizations. In addition, we do not fund Type III Non-Supporting Organizations as defined by the IRS.

Q: Does the Comcast Foundation accept unsolicited requests?

A: Comcast and the Comcast Foundation do not accept unsolicited sponsorship requests or grant proposals. If your organization is interested in sending us information, please verify that you operate within a Comcast service area and use the local address for all related correspondence.

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