Comcast Cable HDTV Survey: Americans High On High-Definition Television

Philadelphia, PA.

With HDTVs topping many consumers' gift lists, Comcast helps identify the information consumers need to make the right choice at holiday time

In a recent survey of

consumers' views and understanding of high-definition television (HDTV), 49% of

Americans said that HDTV would be a critical component of their ultimate home

entertainment experience and 43% said they do not expect to ever buy a standard

television again. The results of the poll, conducted on
behalf of Comcast, the country's leading cable, entertainment and
communications company,
also show that HDTVs are shaping up to be the

gift that shoppers will be treating themselves to this month, with over half of

respondents who say they are planning on buying an HDTV set this holiday season

will buy one for themselves.

However, as consumers' interest in HDTV rises, so do

questions about how to identify what equipment they need and the best way to

get high-definition channels in their homes.
When asked if it is true that someone gets the high-definition experience

just by plugging in an HDTV, 40 percent of survey respondents said that they

didn't know.

To help address these and other questions consumers may have

as they shop for HDTV sets, Comcast is sharing the following tips to help

consumers with their HD buying decisions this holiday season:

  • The difference is clear. HDTV offers six times the picture clarity of traditional analog. HDTV gives you the clearest picture available today.

  • All HDTV is digital, but not all digital TV is HDTV. To get HDTV's crystal clarity, make sure the digital television carries the HDTV resolution of either 720p (progressive) or 1080i (interlaced).

  • Select the right resolution for your set size. 1080i resolution provides a better picture on larger screens, while 720p resolution is better suited for smaller screens.

  • All HD providers are NOT equal. Make sure you understand what HD programming your service provider can offer and what equipment is needed. For example, can you get local network affiliate's HD signal or only the national network feed; are premium movie channels available in high definition at no additional charge; and does your provider offer on demand programming in high definition? Are you required to purchase special equipment to receive HD channels and can you record HD programming?

"We know customers are presented with a multitude of information about HD - from the types of sets to the increasing amount of programming choices, some of which are available only with cable," said Dave Watson, executive vice president of operations for Comcast. "We want to help cut through the clutter and make it as easy as possible for customers to enjoy the cable-powered home entertainment experience that's right for them."

Comcast is offering information and support for shoppers this holiday season. Comcast has a presence in nearly 1,000 retail locations and representatives will be available at many of those sites to help answer consumers' questions about HDTV and connect them to Comcast HD service. Visitors to Comcast's website (www.comcast.com) also can log onto an HD tutorial with Frequently Asked Questions and an HD demo as well as sign-up for service online.

Comcast's HDTV offering includes high-definition programming from most major broadcast networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and PBS, when available from the local network affiliates; as well as Discovery HD Theater, ESPN HD, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ!, INHD, INHD2 and regional sports networks, including Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia, Mid-Atlantic, Chicago, and West, where available. INHD and INHD2 are available only to cable customers and offer an exceptional variety of sports, movies, travel, and nature programming.

Comcast makes it easy for customers to enjoy HD service. Customers with an HD-capable television can rent an HDTV-enabled Digital Cable set-top box so they do not need to purchase additional equipment to receive HD channels. Comcast also is now offering HD digital video recorders so customers can record their favorite HD programs. The company also offers select HD movie titles as part of its video-on-demand service.

The Comcast survey was conducted by ICR/International Communications Research of Media, PA, between November 17 and November 22, 2004 using a random nationwide sample of 750 households. The results are based on the responses of households with televisions.

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