Comcast Business Gives Supercuts a Real-Time Data Makeover

Philadelphia, PA.

Business Internet, Wi-Fi, Voice and TV will help enhance the guest experience and improve operational efficiencies for 33 salons across southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.

Comcast Business today announced that Supercuts, one of the largest and most iconic salon brands in the country, is using Comcast Business Internet, WiFi, Voice and TV services across 33 franchise locations in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. This comprehensive technology solution will impact all facets of business at each salon, from connecting onsite cameras and providing valuable guest amenities like Wi-Fi and HDTV, to uploading real-time data to a unique mobile app guests can use to view approximate wait times, select preferred stylists and check in for appointments from anywhere.

As a business rooted in offering high-quality salon services at convenient locations without requiring an appointment, Supercuts is using technology to meet ever-changing customer demand while continuing to deliver the best guest experience possible. As an example, onsite cameras allow store managers to watch streaming video in real-time, helping to boost guest satisfaction as district managers adjust staffing levels or plan new salon locations based on sustained demand. An additional guest convenience is the Supercuts Mobile App, which interfaces in real-time with the franchise’s point of sale (POS) software and allows guests to check in online, select their stylists, and view approximate wait times – either before entering the salon or onsite.

"Our mobile app has been a huge help in streamlining our operations, as our stylists can now stay focused on their guests without needing to check people in or provide wait times over the phone. That said, there’s nothing worse than if a customer logs in and thinks there’s no wait, only to learn upon arrival that the app was not updated in a timely fashion due to the slow DSL connection we had with our previous provider," said Gary Robins, franchisee for 43 Supercuts locations in the area. "We now have fast and reliable Internet and Wi-Fi at most of our sites to meet our real-time business needs, and the personalized local service we’ve received – from having a single point of contact for any questions, to our sales rep physically visiting every landlord at our 33 installed locations to ensure that the installation would go smoothly – has truly been unparalleled."

Supercuts is currently using a Comcast Business Internet connection with 50 Megabits-per-second (Mbps) download speeds and 10 Mbps upload speeds, which is key for the streaming video and real-time data being collected. The franchise is also using Business WiFi to provide two separate wireless signals: one for employees and the other, XFINITY WiFi, complimentary for guests so stylists and patrons do not share the same broadband connection. In addition to Business TV in some locations as an added in-salon amenity, the franchise is also using Business Voice lines in all stores, which provides reliable service for guests who prefer to call the salons to ask about hours or stylist availability. Additional plans to upgrade the remaining 10 storefronts are currently underway.

"Small and medium-sized businesses like Supercuts that thrive on face-to-face interaction with customers are increasingly finding that planning ahead and using innovative technologies to make informed decisions can help them continue to excel in today’s ever-changing consumer market," said Kevin Conmy, vice president for Comcast Business, Freedom Region. "This is the perfect example of how our vast network reach and broad portfolio can help support these multi-location needs of franchise businesses so they can stay focused on what matters most: their customers."