Comcast And Best Buy Expand Philadelphia Retail Program For HDTV And Digital Cable To New Markets

Philadelphia, PA.

The success of the Comcast retail program selling digital-ready HDTV equipment and advanced cable service offerings in Philadelphia-area Best Buy stores has prompted the companies to expand the program to four additional markets including Baltimore, Knoxville, Tenn., Nashville, Tenn., and Washington D.C., Comcast and Best Buy announced today.


A total of 31 Best Buy stores will sell digital-ready HDTV sets and Comcast Digital Cable using a co-branded Sales Activation Kit. The $79.99 Comcast service Activation Kit with a $250 value is free when customers activate Digital Cable and also purchase an HDTV set from Best Buy. The Activation Kit includes free service installation, two months of free HBO and Showtime and several Pay-Per-View movie coupons. The offer is valid for new Comcast Digital Cable customers, including those upgrading from Comcast analog cable.


"We're pleased to expand this retail relationship with Best Buy. A retail environment enables interactive demonstration of the combined power of HDTV and Digital Cable," said Chris Caffrey, vice president of retail sales at Comcast. "Customers are more likely to purchase advanced equipment and service if they can see how the service can enrich their home entertainment experience. In teaming with Best Buy, Comcast is helping customers learn about the products and services that can enhance their lives."


Customers also can sign up for Comcast Digital Cable as a standalone service for $29.99 at Philadelphia area Best Buy stores. The Comcast service Activation Kit includes free service installation, one month of free HBO and Showtime and several Pay-Per-View coupons.


"Best Buy is focused on bringing our customers the best products and services available. In working with Comcast to showcase Comcast Digital Cable and the latest in HDTV services, we're helping customers understand the latest and greatest in cable television technology today," said Bill Cody, vice president of Home Theater for Best Buy. "The Comcast Sales Activation Kits are another way to help make the transition to high quality digital content a simple process for customers."


High-Definition Television is a new standard of television featuring dramatically improved, highly detailed picture quality and a wide-screen, theater-like display along with improved audio quality including surround sound. Images in HDTV are up to six times sharper than analog television. Movies and sports in particular demonstrate the vivid picture and sound of the TV technology.


Comcast has upgraded and invested in its network to offer customers a strong line-up of services including digital cable and HDTV. The company has offered HDTV signals in Philadelphia since November 2001. Today, the company delivers ABC, NBC, HBO and Showtime and as of February 15th, Comcast SportsNet signals in HDTV throughout the Philadelphia market.


With Comcast Digital Cable, customers can receive more than 250 channels - including dozens of commercial-free premium movie channels with multiple channels of HBO, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Cinemax, Starz! and Encore - as well as dozens of commercial-free music channels and pay-per-view channels. In addition, digital cable service offers an interactive, on-screen program guide and remote that lets viewers choose movies and shows by time, category or channel, and a parental control feature.


"The retail channel will continue to play an important role as technology and content evolves and as we continue introductions of advanced services such as video-on-demand," said Caffrey. "Based on the success of this program and our commitment to educating customers about our advanced services, Comcast is well-positioned for future growth in retail."


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