Comcast Adds New 4Mbps Speed Option to High-Speed Internet Service Offering

Philadelphia, PA.

Comcast Also Increasing e-mail Storage to 1.7GB

Comcast brings speed to the market.

Today the company officially announced a 4Mbps speed tier as a new option for
its High-Speed Internet service. This announcement comes within a year of
Comcast doubling customer downstream speed to 3Mbps, at no additional cost -
and establishing an industry benchmark.

Comcast High-Speed Internet customers now can choose between two high-
speed options: 4Mbps and 3Mbps. Combined with Comcast's world-class content
and built-for-broadband applications, these two speed tiers empower users to
enjoy the broadband experience that is best for them and their families. The
new 4Mbps option is particularly ideal for households engaged in numerous
high-speed-enabled activities, such as: streaming audio; multi-player and
online gaming; large file downloads; and networking.

Upon selecting their speed, customers can then choose between standard
High-Speed Internet service (one connection) or Comcast Home Networking (up to
five devices), now available on both speed tiers, at no additional monthly
service cost. The 3Mbps and 4Mbps services are available for $42.95 and
$52.95* per month, respectively, for current cable television customers.
[Prices may vary slightly by market.]

The new "4Meg" (4Mbps) speed tier will be available to all Comcast High-
Speed Internet customers by September, when it is expected to be rolled out
system-wide. Comcast 4Meg is already available in a number of Comcast
markets, including: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington,

"Our guiding principle is to maximize the value that our customers receive
from their Comcast High-Speed Internet connection. Speed is a critical
component, but overall value can only be measured when you consider speed in
relation to what that speed enables," stated Greg Butz, senior vice president
of marketing & business development for Comcast Online. "At Comcast, we are
continuously working to improve every aspect of the broadband Internet
experience: speed; network performance; content and content management and
services; security; and customer support."

Increased E-mail Storage

Comcast is further enhancing its service offering this summer by upping
its e-mail storage capacity. The Comcast High-Speed Internet service provides
up to seven (7) e-mail accounts - and Comcast will increase the storage
capacity of each account from 10MB to 250MB. That means a total increased
capacity potential of 1.75GB, as compared to the previous 70MB. In addition,
customers can enjoy nearly unlimited storage for their digital photos through
the Comcast Photo Center.

More About Comcast's High-Speed Internet Service

In addition to providing a fast, reliable, 100% Pure Broadband(TM)
experience, Comcast is dedicated to driving innovation and applications that
empower its customers to fully take advantage of their broadband connection.
The company defines value in terms of speed and what it can enable its
customers to do with that speed.

Investment in the Comcast Network

Comcast is continuously improving one of the world's most robust broadband
networks to provide customers with more value, features and faster speeds to
support the evolving Internet. Increased speeds and enhanced storage capacity
are just two examples of how all Comcast High-Speed Internet customers are
benefiting from its investment in a 100% Pure Broadband network.

This advanced network also enabled the first nationwide CableHOME(TM)
deployment - the foundation for Comcast's unparalleled Home Networking service
that offers customers a simple and convenient way to share a broadband
connection without the hassle of do-it-yourself installation and maintenance.

Best-in-Class Broadband Offerings

Comcast's offerings leverage its heritage as a broadband, media and
entertainment company and focus on six key user areas of interest: movies,
music, games, sports, kids, and communication. Comcast customers can access
these applications via its award-winning broadband portal - Comcast.net.

Examples include:

-- Broadband communication tools - such as video messaging and photo
sharing and storage.
-- The Fan(TM) - a patent-pending, innovative broadband video player.
The Fan dynamically features content from a variety of leading
providers such as ABC News, Atom Films, E!/Style, FoxSPORTS.com,
G4/techTV, IFC (Independent Film Channel), MLB.com, Outdoor Life
Network (OLN), Planeta Networks, Scripps (Food Network, HGTV, DIY,
Fine Living), The Weather Channel, and more. Offering one-click ease-
of-use and the ability to search video, The Fan is credited with an
87% increase in video usage on Comcast.net from January through June
-- The Assistant - a unique toolbar that offers easy customization along
with the information customers want, at their fingertips, with drag
and drop customization.
-- Comcast Rhapsody - the country's leading Internet jukebox service that
provides subscribers with unlimited access to a vast library of music
from all five major labels plus more than 200 independent music
-- Games on Demand - a premium on-demand service designed to give
consumers an unparalleled gaming experience with the choice and
flexibility to play the games they like how and when they want.

The Comcast High-Speed Internet service is a full end-to-end solution
designed to complement the connected home experience. For Comcast, secure
high-speed Internet access and best-in-class content/content management are
all part of the same package.

"Ultimately, this is a situation where the whole is greater than the sum
of its parts. With close to six million customers, our position as the
leading broadband Internet service provider with the number-one broadband
portal** is a testament to the value we bring to today's broadband household,
and to the standard we have set for excellence in the industry," concluded

For more information about Comcast High-Speed Internet, consumers should
visit http://www.comcast.com or call 1-888-COMCAST.

About Comcast

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Comcast Cable is a division of Comcast
Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK), a developer, manager and operator of
broadband cable networks and provider of programming content. With a presence
in 22 of the top 25 United States markets, Comcast is one of the leading
communications, media and entertainment companies in the world. Providing
basic cable, Digital Cable, high-speed Internet and telephone services,
Comcast is the company to look to first for the communications products and services that connect people to what's important in their lives. The
company's 59,000 employees serve more than 21 million customers.

*Service prices do not include monthly equipment lease or retail fees.
Non-cable customers may also subscribe to these services for $57.95 /
$67.95* per month. 4Mbps and 3Mbps refer to downstream speeds; upstream
speeds are 384kbps and 256kbps, respectively.

**Nielsen/NetRatings, May 2004 - broadband portal defined as designed for
broadband users and drawing more than 90% of visits from broadband