Since joining Comcast in 1993 as Director of Business Development for Comcast Cellular Communications, Greg has been a driving force behind Comcast’s extensive customer growth across its consumer lines of business. He led the teams responsible for the development, growth, and transformation for the digital sales and self-service channel, and the creation of the Xfinity Store retail channel.

Previously, Greg was Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations for Comcast Cable, driving growth by investing in sales channel transformation and evolving Comcast’s customer acquisition, retention, and segmentation strategies.

Before that, as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Comcast Online, he spearheaded the early growth of Comcast’s high-speed Internet service with responsibility for product strategy, business development, and marketing.

He has also served as President of Business Planning and Development, Vice President of Business Development for Comcast Online, and Senior Vice President of Marketing for Comcast Cable, where he delivered innovative strategies to reach key customer segments, including developing new packaging for Xfinity's Double Play, Triple Play and Xfinity Home and Wireless.

Prior to Comcast, he held positions in the wireless, communications and entertainment industries.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Miami University, and a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.