Voice Remote

Comcast announced the consumer launch of its new remote control that allows customers to navigate tens of thousands of shows and movies on the X1 platform with their voice.

Gigabit Modem

In addition to providing the fastest speeds ever made available to consumers over a hybrid fiber coax network, the Gigabit Home Gateway will also offer features we’ve never before combined in a single device.

Kids Zone

We’re thrilled to announce Kids Zone, a new feature on X1 that gives parents like me extra peace of mind by offering a safe and secure experience for kids to independently explore TV.

4K Ultra HD

X1 will debut Xfinity in UHD with hundreds of titles added including hit series from Starz, Syfy, USA and films originally shown in IMAX®, enabling customers to create 
unlimited virtual 4k linear channels with a customized playlist feature.

Xfinity Home

Comcast announced that it will expand its Xfinity Home business by integrating new partner devices.

Xfinity Share

Comcast has announced that Xfinity customers on the X1 Entertainment Operating System can live stream their favorite life moments over the Internet from their smartphone to the television to share with friends and family.

Customer Experience

The multi-year plan reinvents the customer experience and creates a culture focused on exceeding customers’ expectations, at all levels of the company.


Brian Roberts announced a slate of new and upcoming products and services at the INTX kickoff, including the Voice Remote, Kids Zone, third-party partner integration with the Xfinity Home platform and a new gigabit home gateway.

2 Gig Speeds

The next great Internet innovation is only an idea away, and we want to help customers push the boundaries of what the Internet can do.

Xfinity Share How-To

Xfinity Share is designed to share life’s moments, both big and small, as they happen. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to live stream to a friend or family member’s TV.

Internet Essentials

Internet Essentials is the most ambitious community investment initiative we have ever launched. Its success is truly remarkable – 450,000 families; 1.8 million low-income Americans – connected to the Internet. Here's an amazing success story.

Hall of Fame

Tony Werner's role in building industry-leading leading products and services has helped to transform Comcast from a technology consumer to a cutting-edge technology creator.


X1 users can now quickly and manage their TV experience with the sound of their voice or a few taps on the Apple Watch.

TV Everywhere

Customers with X1 DVR with cloud technology can turn any screen into a TV inside the home. That means the ability to stream any channel live, watch thousands of On Demand titles and access DVR shows on a tablet or smartphone.

Customer Experience

Our new feature enables customers to track our technicians' arrival in real time and is available free through the MyAccount app.

Future of TV

The Voice Remote could become the tipping point in a major revolution in the way Xfinity customers interact with their TV and set top boxes.

Gigabit Pro

Gigabit Pro will be available next month to 2.4 million customers in markets across Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Chicago is the first market in the Midwest to roll out Gigabit Pro, following similar rollouts in Atlanta, California, Chattanooga and Florida.


We built Xfinity Share using WebRTC, an open-standard framework that supports streaming on mobile devices and Web browsers. We chose WebRTC because it is scalable, flexible and interoperable, allowing us to evolve Xfinity Share quickly.