Two students using laptops to do homework in a Lift Zone.

2021 Impact Report

A Message from Brian L. Roberts & Dalila Wilson-Scott

June 8th, 2021

As we look back on — and begin to move forward from — a very challenging 2020, we want to first thank our employees. Their resilience, heart, and commitment got us through this past year and give us confidence for a better tomorrow. When it mattered most, they rose to the occasion, finding new ways to support one another and our communities and audiences.

Building on a decade-long foundation, the team accelerated our efforts to close the digital equity gap at the onset of the pandemic, leveraging technology, training, and Internet connectivity to advance economic mobility. We opened Lift Zones in community centers across the country to provide students, seniors, veterans, and others with free Internet and a safe space to complete homework, grow their skills, and apply for jobs. To help ensure communities of color and low-income families have the tools and access necessary to succeed in an increasingly digital economy, we will invest $1 billion to reach an additional 50 million Americans over the next 10 years. 

Our company also came together to advocate for systemic change and to be a meaningful part of the solution in the fight against racism, injustice, and inequity. We launched new programs and initiatives that have helped to support small businesses owned by people of color, create new job opportunities and build careers, amplify diverse voices to inspire and inform, and provide resources to underserved communities.  

We continued to take steps to lessen our environmental footprint and help establish a sustainable planet today and for generations to come. Across our global operations, we are focused on reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and recently set the ambitious goal of being carbon neutral by 2035. 

Ultimately in all that we do, our mission remains the same — to connect people to what matters most. We use our platforms and programs to help elevate potential and open opportunities for success. And, we do this with an exceptional team of employees and partners — because together, we can create a stronger future for all.

Brian L. Roberts signature

Brian L. Roberts
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Comcast Corporation 

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Dalila Wilson-Scott
Chief Diversity Officer, Comcast Corporation
President, Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation

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