Jasmine plays her acoustic guitar.

Since 2011, Internet Essentials from Comcast – the nation’s largest and most comprehensive Internet adoption program – has connected a cumulative total of more than 10 million people from low-income families to the Internet at home. The COVID-19 crisis has put many of these students at risk and has accelerated the need for digital equity and Internet adoption programs to support them. Over the next 10 years through Project UP – our $1B commitment to address digital equity and help build a world of unlimited possibilities – we'll reach tens of millions of people from low-income families access the resources, skills, and tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

10 Years

Over the last 10 years, Comcast has connected over 10 million people from low-income families to low-cost, high-speed Internet at home.


Comcast is committing $1 billion to reach tens of millions of people with the connectivity, skills, training, and resources they need to be ready for anything.

25M hours

In 2021 alone, WiFi connected Lift Zones across the country will enable students to complete over 25 million hours of homework and remote learning.

150k laptops

Over the course of the program, Comcast has provided low-income Americans with 150,000 free or affordable subsidized computers.

  • Ready For Anything

    We're helping students like Elijahwan be ready for anything. To celebrate 10 years of Internet Essentials, we're committing $1 billion to provide tens of millions of low-income Americans with the tools they need to be ready for anything.

  • Lift Zones: WiFi-enabled safe places to study

    When students are connected to the internet, the opportunities are endless. We’re proud to partner with 1,000 community centers to create WiFi-enabled Lift Zones, so students from low-income families can have the tools they need to be ready for anything.

  • Ummi: Ready to write his own story

    Ummi is a modern day renaissance man. He's using the internet to write a children's book and practice his passions of piano, architecture and fencing with the help of internet at home.

  • Ashis: Ready to change the world from his bedroom

    Ashis uses the internet to empower people in need across the world by teaching classes online and kickstarting his nonprofit.

  • Jasmine: Ready to share her voice

    Jasmine believes that everyone should have an outlet to express themselves, and she's using the internet to pursue hers - music.

  • Juan: Ready to learn anything and everything

    Juan has spent his time at home learning anything and everything and is using that power to pursue his degree in crimonology.

Collage of Internet Essentials volunteers and participants.

Comcast Commits to Investing $1 Billion Over Next Ten Years to Reach 50 Million Low-Income Americans


Recent Initiatives

For a decade, Internet Essentials from Comcast has addressed the digital divide head on and has grown to become the nation’s largest and most successful broadband adoption effort. As the COVID-19 crisis has put may students at risk and accelerated the need for digital equity, connectivity is more important than ever. Here’s what we’re doing to help.

A Tomorrow's Voices participant being filmed.

Tomorrow's Voices

In partnership with NBC News, students who have benefited from Internet Essentials had the opportunity to explore their passions alongside their heroes.

A student receives a free laptop at an Internet Essentials event.

Lift Zones

Comcast is partnering with nonprofit partners and city leaders to create safe spaces for students and families to connect and learn, creating more than 1,000 “Lift Zones” in community centers to provide Internet connectivity and a safe place for students and families to get online.

A student receives a free laptop at an Internet Essentials event.

Partnership Program

The Internet Essentials Partnership Program (IEPP) is designed to help accelerate Internet adoption at a critical time. The program provides the opportunity for school districts and other organizations to fund and quickly connect large numbers of students and families to broadband access

Internet Essentials backpacks.

Digital Literacy Training and Curriculum

Beyond connectivity, we work with tens of thousands of partners across the country, including nonprofits and city leaders, to provide digital skills training to young people and to upskilling adults with the aim of improving their economic mobility.

Impact Stories

Two young students use laptops to study in a playground.

Project UP

Learn more about our $1 billion commitment to advance digital equity and help build a future of unlimited possibilities.

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