Students receive free laptops at an Internet Essentials event.

Digital Equity

We want everyone to benefit from the digital economy.

We have spent more than a decade working to address digital inequities. From connecting people to the Internet; to supporting young, diverse storytellers; to opening doors for the next generation of innovators, creators, and doers, we want everyone to have the skills, resources, and tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Closing the digital equity gap has never been more important. We are accelerating our work over the next 10 years with a $1 billion commitment to reach even more low-income Americans. We’ll do this by connecting people in need to the Internet at home, equipping safe spaces with free WiFi, and working with thousands of nonprofit community organizations and city leaders to create personal and professional growth opportunities for people of all ages, particularly in the areas of media, arts, technology, and entrepreneurship.


Comcast is investing $1B over the next 10 years to help further close the digital divide.


The new commitment will reach as many as 50 million people with the connectivity, skills, training, and resources they need to be ready for anything.


Comcast will launch 1,000 Lift Zones nationwide to provide safe spaces for students to access free, high-capacity WiFi by year end.


In 2021 alone, WiFi-connected Lift Zones across the country will enable students to complete 25 million hours of homework and remote learning.

An Internet connection opens doors to a world of possibilities – whether it’s participating in school, applying for a job, accessing healthcare, or connecting with family and friends. We’re helping close the digital divide by putting technology, tools, and resources in the hands of more people. Beyond connectivity, we also work with thousands of partners across the country, including nonprofits and city leaders, to provide digital literacy training so everyone can benefit from the opportunities that come from being online.

Providing pathways to economic mobility through technology and digital skills training is critical to closing the equity gap. We partner with leading organizations to help create opportunities for even more low-income Americans to succeed in an increasingly digital economy.

We are committed to creating and fostering platforms and programs that teach and develop skills in media, arts, and culture so that we can share new stories with the world and encourage underrepresented voices to explore careers in news, sports, and entertainment.

NBCU Academy logo
NBCU Academy
We offer journalism training and development to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and diverse-serving institutions and colleges through NBCU Academy.
Sky’s The Edit logo
Sky’s The Edit
Sky’s ‘The Edit’ – a new digital program for schools across the UK and Ireland – is focused on breaking down barriers and bringing diverse voices into the newsroom.
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Female Forward
NBC’s ‘Female Forward’ initiative forges a pipeline into scripted television for female directors by providing opportunities to shadow an NBC series and then direct an in-season episode.

Too often entrepreneurs and small business owners are undersupported and underresourced. We are working to equip these leaders with the training, tools, and leadership skills needed to create their own success. We’re also committed to making sure the next generation has an entrepreneurial mindset and the tools they need to bring their ideas to life.

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