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Comcast RISE

Comcast RISE is supporting the growth of all small businesses and individuals committed to uplifting their local communities. The program is built to help businesses and their communities thrive with a focus on economic growth. This year, Comcast RISE will award 500 recipients in five cities with a grant package that includes business consultation services; education resources; monetary grant; and creative production, media, and technology makeover.


Through the first phase of Comcast RISE, which ended in November 2022, we supported 13,000 small business owners with tech services, marketing resources, and millions of dollars in grants.


Entrepreneurs in 1,321 cities across 38 states were selected as Comcast RISE recipients.


Comcast RISE awarded over $110 million in monetary, marketing, and technology grants.

We recognize that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and look forward to taking our learnings from this program as we find new ways to further empower and strengthen even more small businesses and entrepreneurs at the heart of our local communities. Comcast will be continuing its efforts to positively impact small businesses in 2023. We have seen that many small businesses are shifting from pandemic recovery to long-term growth, so it is only natural for the program to evolve. The next evolution of the program will focus on helping businesses of all types accelerate growth. Its offerings will include complimentary marketing, technology, financial grants, business consulting, entrepreneurship training and other services.
Teresa Ward-Maupin
Senior Vice President, Digital and Customer Experience, Comcast Business
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Project UP

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