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1. In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding and to protect you and us, we have adopted a uniform policy for consideration of ideas submitted to Comcast by persons outside of its organization, as set forth below.

2. We will not receive your submission in confidence and no disclosure by you will establish a confidential relationship between you and us. Any submission by you in no way obligates us to review your submission, enter into any transaction with or make any investment in you or your idea.  We accept no responsibility for the safe arrival, handling, or return of any submitted material.

3. Please be aware that we have a number of employees engaged in the development of ideas and business opportunities. We also rely on brokers, attorneys, or other qualified representatives known to us to assist us in this regard.  Before your idea can be considered by us, you must understand that such an idea may be already known to us, in whole or in part, prior to your submission.

4. We may find that your idea is not new, is in the public domain, or has already been investigated and considered by us. Also, we have no obligation to adopt, use, or otherwise pursue your submission, reveal our reaction to your submission, disclose any information regarding our activities or related ideas, or reveal the reasons for our decision.

5. We are not accepting any proposals or ideas for individual programs, series, or movies.

6. We are not obligated to select any proposal submitted through this process.  The channels that we launch may come from other sources and may be presented to or solicited by us after the March 15, 2017 deadline for submissions.

7. If you do not clearly understand the terms and conditions set forth above, you should consult with an attorney before providing any information about your idea to us. You, of course, must be the sole judge of the protection you need and desire.

8. Your submission of any proposals or other materials to Comcast constitutes your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth above.

9. Questions regarding this information should be sent to Diversity_Programming_Proposal@comcast.com.
Whether the channel is fully financed.
Whether the channel has launched and has existing MVPD distribution.
Whether the channel and its potential carriage provide economic value to Comcast and appeal for Comcast’s customers.
Whether the channel’s ownership and/or management group(s) are well established and African Americans have a majority or substantial ownership interest.
As part of our demonstrated commitment to expand opportunities for diverse businesses and to independent cable programming, Comcast has added over 20 independent programming networks since 2011, including four networks that were chosen as part of our diverse channel RFP process: two African American majority owned networks (ASPiRE and REVOLT) and two Hispanic American operated networks (Baby First Americas and El Rey). Additionally, two substantially Hispanic American owned networks, Kids Central and Primo TV, will launch on Comcast Cable systems beginning in January 2017.

We are now requesting proposals for the next two diverse channels, as follows:

We are not accepting unsolicited proposals for any channels outside of this process at this time.

We are asking qualified, interested applicants to submit proposals to compete for these opportunities by reviewing and agreeing to the terms below and submitting a detailed and complete proposal.
We ask all respondents to address their proposals, at least in part, to their satisfaction of the above criteria. We expect this review to be highly competitive and hope it will help us launch some great new independent programming voices to entertain and inform our customers.
Properly submitted proposals will be reviewed by our screening committee. Factors our screening committee will consider include, in no particular order:
Two programming services in which African Americans have a majority or substantial ownership interest. These channels will be added to select Comcast cable systems by January 2019.
Important Information and Acknowledgement
All proposals must be received on or before March 15, 2017 for consideration.
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