veterans parade
Members of Comcast's and NBCUniversal’s Veterans Network Employee Resource Groups at the 2015 New York City Veteran’s Day Parade.



Approximate number of military hires in 2015 — an increase of 38% compared with 2014

Our company is committed to being the employer of choice and the chosen provider of services for members of the military community. But earning their confidence takes more than goals or initiatives. It takes a proven track record. It also takes a deep understanding of the skills the military population brings to the workplace and what makes its individual members tick.

For decades, we’ve been a leader in meeting the needs of our military communities — from dedicated hiring initiatives to targeted solutions for members transitioning to civilian life. In 2015, we multiplied our efforts by creating a new team, the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, committed to meeting the unique needs of our military customers and to recruiting, hiring, and incorporating military talent across all levels of our organization.

That’s where Carol comes in, stepping into a role that allows her to continue working with the military community. Carol has served our nation for more than 30 years in the U.S. Army, progressing from private to brigadier general, with a final assignment as the Deputy Commandant at the U.S. Army War College and Assistant Adjutant General for the Pennsylvania National Guard. She served a 15-month combat tour in Iraq and has received numerous awards, including the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. She will tell you that after retirement she wasn’t looking for a position, but a purpose, which she found when she joined Comcast NBCUniversal in 2015. Now she’s applying her deep knowledge of the military community to lead our veterans and military programs.

military employees
Military members and veterans bring valuable leadership, technical, and problem-solving skills to the company.



Number of veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouses that Comcast NBCUniversal has committed to hire between 2015 and year-end 2017

Fortunately, she’s starting with a strong foundation. Through our unique and targeted programs, we have been able to attract and support talented employees with diverse experiences and backgrounds. That includes hiring more than 3,600 veterans between 2012 and 2014. In 2015 alone, we made approximately 2,400 military hires — a 38% increase over the previous year.

Beyond hiring, Comcast NBCUniversal spearheaded projects like Next Steps for Vets, an online portal that provides employment information, small-business development tools, and educational resources tailored to military veterans. In addition, our Veterans Network Employee Resource Group is dedicated to helping military members grow professionally and personally.

"The fact that a company takes the time to understand the military culture is exactly what veterans and military members want to see," Carol says. "Comcast NBCUniversal is empathizing with what service members have done and what they continue to do. And crucially, we’re recognizing the inherent skills they can bring to our company."

Tapping into those skills is Carol’s top priority. From leadership to adaptability, collaboration to stakeholder management, the military instills capabilities that easily transfer to the corporate world. With the U.S. Department of Defense at the leading edge of technology, adapting to new technical requirements and devices is second nature for much of the military population.

"In addition to specific job skills, veterans and military members bring leadership and management skills that apply across our company," Carol says. "You can train someone to learn a technology, but it’s very difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to train leadership skills — and that’s something the military certainly has down."

To capitalize on the exciting potential of current and former service members, Comcast NBCUniversal committed to hiring 10,000 veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouses between 2015 and the end of 2017. Our dedication doesn’t stop there; we are also focused on creating policies that meet the needs of our military community, including military-friendly customer policies, transition assistance for our veteran applicants, development opportunities for our current military employees, and benefits for our National Guard and Reserve employees.

veterans network
Comcast’s Veterans Network Employee Resource Group participates in Comcast Cares Day in Philadelphia.



Combined employee membership of Comcast’s and NBCUniversal’s Veterans Network Employee Resource Groups, which connect veterans with support, onboarding, mentorship, and development to help them grow

Comcast NBCUniversal offers employees who serve in the National Guard or Reserve some of the most substantial HR benefits in the industry. We were recognized by the Department of Defense as a 2015 finalist for the Freedom Award for our support of our National Guard and Reserve employees, and we ranked among the top 20 U.S. companies in Military Times’ "Best for Vets: Employers 2016" survey. We provide supplemental pay and continued benefits for three years when National Guard and Reserve members are called to active duty — longer than many other companies surveyed. Plus, these employees receive 15 days of annual military leave with full pay to complete their military training requirements.

We also offer targeted benefits if employees who are married to military members need to relocate due to reassignment of their spouse. Even little things can make a big difference, such as maintaining XFINITY services when moving, or enabling deployed military members to monitor their home security with XFINITY Home.

"It can be frustrating for the military community when companies demonstrate a lack of understanding of what we call ‘military acumen,’" Carol says. "It’s incredibly important to us as a company to reach out and let this community know we’re aware of the challenges they face and that we’re here to support them. We like to say we’re more than military-friendly; we’re military-ready, as in ‘ready to support.’"

"We need the skills these men and women provide."

—(Retired) Brigadier General
Carol Eggert
Comcast Vice President
Military and Veteran Affairs

Her experience within the military is invaluable in this regard. It also helps her navigate all the military stakeholders she needs to work with when starting new veteran and military programs. It’s notable that her first hire and team addition is Air Force Major Dave Gaulin, a C-130J pilot with 12 years of active Air Force service who now serves in the Rhode Island National Guard. She accepts that he will likely deploy, but she walks the talk and is ready to support.

With a cross-company mandate, Carol sees possibilities for collaboration everywhere. "The opportunity to support and enhance the customer experience and the many great things already taking place here is a new way for me to serve the military community."

"I feel incredibly fortunate," she says. "I served our country and our military for many years. Now I have the opportunity to support Comcast NBCUniversal and our veterans and military together."

veterans parade
Val Nicholas, Vice President of Multicultural Initiatives, NBC News, gives a Veterans Network Employee Resource Group flag to a young spectator.