Gallons of fuel saved since 2010 through our use of fuel-efficient vehicles, GPS technology, and self-install options for our customers


8 million +

Pounds of e-waste recycled by Comcast in 2015, including batteries, cables, cords, splitters, and taps


150 +

Patents granted to Comcast in 2015, our sixth consecutive year-over-year increase

As a company fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, we know the spark of innovation can start anywhere, anytime. So we encourage our employees to pursue what’s next, from advancements that delight our customers to projects that move entire communities forward. And we partner with entrepreneurs who are the next generation of influencers in our society.

2015 was an inspiring year for innovation at Comcast NBCUniversal. We connected with a new generation of startups in several cities to help them harness the social and economic value of a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. Leading startups and entrepreneurs took part in our Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition, exploring new ways to integrate technology into their businesses. And energy-saving initiatives across our businesses demonstrated the vital relationship between sustainability and innovation.

NBCUniversal launched its first Open Possibilities partnerships with social entrepreneurs, startups, and other organizations. Partnerships included the Millennial Trains Project, an organization that takes young entrepreneurs on cross-country journeys to meet local city leaders and other prominent mentors while building and developing project ideas to address social issues in communities.

Together, these actions reflect our belief that a culture of innovation and for innovation is a powerful force for growth and change.

2015 Highlights


Riding the rails of innovation

Millennials across the country are creating change with campaigns, projects, and ideas geared toward improving their communities. To support their endeavors, Comcast NBCUniversal became the lead sponsor of the Millennial Trains Project’s (MTP's) 2015 journey. MTP runs crowdfunded transcontinental train trips for young entrepreneurs to test their ideas and expand their impact, as they gain insight from on-train mentors, other entrepreneurs, and local community leaders. In addition to sponsoring MTP, Comcast NBCUniversal awarded nearly $75,000 in scholarships and post-journey impact awards.


Safety first for kids’ content

In today’s 1,000-channel TV universe, it’s all too easy for young kids to be exposed to mature programming. Parental peace of mind is one reason we launched Kids Zone on the X1. The innovative feature uses the platform’s integrated ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media to give kids a safe and filtered place to independently browse and watch their favorite movies and TV shows, all with their parents’ blessing.


A technology boost for startups

For the second consecutive year, Comcast Business hosted the Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition, inviting tech-savvy startups and entrepreneurs to show us how thoughtful, strategic use of technology could propel their businesses even further. Thousands of current and aspiring business owners entered for a chance to win up to $30,000 and participate in a day of mentoring with business innovation experts to discuss how to put their technology plans into action. The competition is intended to encourage entrepreneurship and show what can happen when promising companies receive the funding and tools they need to take on the challenges of owning and running their own businesses.


Birth of a life-changing app

It’s natural for expectant mothers to be anxious about their pregnancy. And with so much information available online, they’re often left with more questions than answers. That’s why we partnered with Kaiser Permanente in 2015 to create the pioneering My Pregnancy app. Powered by the X1, My Pregnancy combines immersive TV with the Internet for instant access to clinically validated content. Viewers can even tailor content to their own pregnancy timelines. The pilot is currently available to Comcast and Kaiser Permanente employees as well as Kaiser Permanente members in the Northwest.


Partners in efficiency

Energy efficiency in home electronics and communications technology shouldn’t take a backseat to performance. In June, Comcast joined fellow industry leaders in committing to improve the energy efficiency of Internet modems, routers, and other equipment that delivers broadband to millions of American consumers. Long before mandatory regulatory standards take effect, the voluntary agreement’s rigorous requirements ensure that Comcast customers will save energy and money.


A launchpad for veteran-run startups

In June, Comcast strengthened its commitment to veterans by becoming The Bunker’s first national corporate sponsor and the founding sponsor of its Philadelphia location. The Bunker — an innovation accelerator created by and for veteran entrepreneurs — offers support to the thousands of U.S. service members who dream of starting their own businesses after leaving active duty. Offering working space, mentors, access to investors, and pro bono services, The Bunker has additional locations in Austin, Texas; Chicago; Jacksonville, Florida; Madison, Wisconsin; Nashville, Tennessee; Kansas City, Missouri; and Washington, D.C.