1.8 million

Number of low-income Americans who have received home Internet connections through Internet Essentials, helping close the digital divide for children and families


$21.6 million

Value of Comcast Leaders and Achievers® Scholarships awarded to more than 21,000 students since 2001 — including $2 million for the 2014-15 academic year


$2 million+

Annual investment in internships, fellowships, and scholarships for diverse students

Opening youths’ eyes to greater possibilities and ensuring they have the resources to succeed are investments not only in their futures, but also in ours.

We believe Internet access and digital literacy skills are fundamental to success in the 21st century — and since they are also core to our business, we have the opportunity to make a powerful difference in these areas.

Through our Internet Essentials program, we have offered affordable, high-speed broadband service to 1.8 million low-income U.S. households so more families can seize the educational, employment, and communication opportunities that the Web makes possible.

We’re also working with local schools and nonprofits to help stoke young people’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) — preparing them to pursue college degrees in those areas and compete for jobs in many of the fastest-growing career fields. My.Future, part of our multi-year partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, provides after-school learning in digital literacy, STEM, and other academic areas for millions of youth.

We don’t just plant the seeds of higher learning: Created in 2001, the Comcast Leaders and Achievers® Scholarship Program awards $2 million annually to 2,000 high school seniors, more than half of whom are from diverse backgrounds.

And we’re there when youth need guidance from a role model they can trust. Hundreds of our employees volunteer as youth mentors, with organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and FIRST® Robotics. We also support City Year, a nonprofit whose volunteers work in public schools to help at-risk students stay in school and on the path to graduation.

We are a local company at heart — delivering products, services, and media content to thousands of communities where our 139,000-plus employees also live and work. Providing education, mentorship, and career opportunities is a natural expression of our values.

Most of us can recall someone who opened a door — perhaps by teaching us a new skill, sharing an experience, or simply offering a bit of encouragement — that helped us see brighter possibilities ahead. Comcast NBCUniversal and our employees embrace the opportunities we have to continue this cycle with the next generation — who will someday push our company, and countless others, in exciting new directions.