$9 million

Donations to United Way by employees and the Comcast Foundation


1.8 million

Views of "Truly Brave"— a video mash-up of Cyndi Lauper’s "True Colors" and Sara Bareilles’ "Brave"—helping TODAY anchor Hoda Kotb’s Shine a Light initiative raise more than $500,000 for the fight against pediatric cancer


$33.5 million

Estimated value of toys donated through the 2014 TODAY Toy Drive, which brings our 21-year total to approximately $395 million, benefiting millions of disadvantaged children 

This is the unique power of what we do. Comcast NBCUniversal combines media and technology in ways that raise people’s awareness of critical issues, invite them into the conversation, and enable them to act.

We have an unmatched ability to reach viewers worldwide through television, film, digital video, and the Web.  This creates opportunities for us to be a catalyst for greater social change than we could ever hope to achieve on our own. We use our multimedia platforms and expertise to focus attention on others who are making a positive difference in communities.

Our news coverage regularly highlights people and organizations working to address education, nutrition, healthcare, and social justice issues. Our company and employees also get directly involved in promoting worthy causes, such as through the Shine a Light initiative launched by NBC’s TODAY. Each TODAY anchor and host chooses a nonprofit to support on air. Last year, for example, co-host Hoda Kotb helped raise more than $500,000 for the American Cancer Society to fight pediatric cancer.

Every day, we must compete to earn the attention and trust of audiences with wide-ranging backgrounds, beliefs, and values. Our success hinges on bringing diverse content to our viewers — consistently, authentically, and accessibly. We meet these challenges by making deliberate choices about not only what stories we tell, but also how they get told and who tells them. Diversity in our workplace — starting with the people we attract and extending through the values we uphold — helps us genuinely reflect our audiences’ richly varied perspectives on both sides of the camera.

Our corporate values and our roots in thousands of local communities drive us to seek new ways of applying media to educate, motivate, and unite our audiences.