5 million+

XFINITY X1 boxes equipped with integrated media ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media that are in customers’ homes, helping families filter thousands of age-appropriate movies and shows for their children



Number of military veterans we’ve hired since 2012 as part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes initiative — furthering our efforts to attract and support talented employees with diverse experiences and backgrounds



U.S. patents granted to Comcast in 2014; this number has risen in each of the past five years

It’s about how we come together to solve problems. Challenge ourselves to think differently. Choose risk instead of regularity.

Our employees supply the innovative thought and actions behind everything Comcast NBCUniversal offers. In order to attract and keep the most talented people in our industry, we have to create an environment that encourages and rewards bold ideas for improving our business.

We believe that hiring people with diverse backgrounds and experiences is crucial for challenging our conventional attitudes and guiding us to new areas of innovation. For the same reason, we also seek out diverse suppliers to help us uncover smart approaches to satisfying our customers and audiences.(Learn more about Comcast NBCUniversal’s diversity and inclusion plans, initiatives, and progress in our 2014 Diversity Report at

Our 139,000-plus employees bring vast reserves of creativity and intellect to our company. We support their professional growth through an array of programs, and we encourage them to speak up about better ways of doing what we do. Making time to ask, listen, and respond to our employees through programs like The Idea — which generated thousands of responses last year — shows us possibilities in our business that might never have surfaced otherwise.

For us to continue growing and evolving in the decades to come, we must also be innovative about integrating sustainable practices across our business and reducing our demands on the world’s limited resources. Our employees, our customers, and our relationships with thousands of local communities remind us that our business and sustainability objectives are inseparable. This perspective helps lead us to solutions that fulfill both sets of goals — from designing cloud-connected set-top cable boxes that use less electricity to adopting more reliable and energy-efficient technologies in our Smarter Network and data centers.

As long as someone can imagine a better way of satisfying our customers and growing our business, Comcast NBCUniversal will always have reasons to innovate. We stay on course by giving our employees the room — and the incentives — to relentlessly pursue what’s next.

Innovation and Technology Center
The Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, set to open in 2018, will include loft-like spaces and studios that encourage a dynamic way of working.